Sam Smith Gets 4 Meaningful New Tattoos

I have yet to ink my body. In fact, I'm not sure I'll ever be brave enough to go through with getting a tattoo. But you know who isn't at all fearful of permanently inked skin? Sam Smith, who got four new tattoos in one day. That's right, people. One, two, three, four tats, in a 24 hour period. Listen, I honestly don't know much about the whole inking process, but I do know that it hurts, so to withstand all that pain in such a short amount of time, the dude must have really been into what he was doing. And as it turns out, he totally was. On his Instagram, the singer detailed each and every new tattoo he added to his collection and the poignant meanings behind them.

Before getting into the body art, though, he made sure to credit the person responsible for it all. He captioned an Instagram of the tattoo sketches:

So honored & overwhelmed to not only have met this incredible artist, but to have her tattoo four bits of work on my body today. I adore you @m_i_s_o_ - such an inspiring human xx my next few photos shall be the tats...

And, without further ado, here is the sketch and the much anticipated "four bits:"

The Prep

That's some nice handwriting. And I say that as someone who is totes critical about penmanship. It bodes well.

The Equality Symbol

He captioned this pic, "First one - the equality sign on my wedding finger. This ones pretty self explanatory. It shows my views on gay marriage and equality for all x." Simple and demure but so poignant, especially with the placement.

A Replica Of One Of The "Oldest Tattoos Ever Found On A Mummified Body"

I'm not lying, either. At least, not according to Smith who wrote below the photo, "Second - this tattoo is inspired by one of the oldest tattoos ever found on a mummified body that was found buried alone in the ice." The meaning? According to Ancient Origins, researchers think similar parallel line tattoos found on a frozen mummy in Austria could have possibly been for "therapeutic" or "acupuncture" reasons.

The Word "Honesty"

"Third - This is what I promise to be in my music. It's what I live by. In the words of @mariamena_official, 'Honesty is my God,'" he explained in the caption. I like this one. I like it a whole lot. And I get his reasoning. I think being in and around Hollywood, honesty with yourself and others is something to constantly remind yourself of.

The Word "Alone"

"And lastly - this is just me being a melancholy tw*t haha. I do see it as a small positive thou... No longer lonely... Just alone... Which is ok x thought I'd share these with you because I love them." I mean, whatever works for him right? I actually think his explanation isn't even as "melancholy" as it is oddly empowering.

You know, after reviewing Smith's new tattoos, maybe I'm not so scared to get something etched on my body for the rest of eternity, so long as it has a lasting meaning behind it. Maybe.