Kim Could've Chosen A Crazier Name Than Saint West

From the very moment Kim Kardashian announced her second pregnancy, I was dying to know what her baby's name would be. And fortunately, it didn't take long after Kardashian and West welcomed their son over the weekend for them to make the big announcement. In case you haven't heard, Kardashian named her baby Saint West, and if you're still trying to get used to it, you're not alone. After all, it took a lot of us awhile to make peace with the fact that North West wasn't a joke, and now, I think it's a pretty cute name. In time, "Saint" will be a cute name too, and trust me — it could have been a lot worse. Jimmy Kimmel pranked people with fake names for Kardashian's baby on the streets of LA, and people were expecting the name to be so out there that they believed it had taken on all kinds of crazy forms.

As part of his latest "Lie Witness News" segment, Kimmel sent one of his staff members out to ask passers by what they thought of the name, and it's amazing just how gullible people can be when someone with a camera crew and a microphone tells them something is true. And it's also hilarious.

Among the fake names used: Kia Sorrento West, Keurig West, and, my personal favorite, Fievel Goes West. People swore up and down that they'd heard about these unconventional name choices on the radio and on Instagram, and most of them chalked it up to classic Kanye West behavior. Yep, even the woman who was told that the baby's name was "Khaleesi Kuella Kookoo Kimchi Kambucha Klondike Kielbasa Kaleidoscope Kaley Cuoco West." Even her.

So if you're still struggling with the reality that North's little brother is named Saint, you can find piece in one simple fact: At least his name isn't Fastest Gun in the West.