Apple Just Quietly Unveiled A New Product That Will Seriously Lighten Your Load

If you carry your iPhone charger around with you everywhere you go lest your phone should die, your load just got a little lighter. On Tuesday, Apple quietly introduced a new product to its online stores that will give its latest iPhones up to 25 hours of more life. The Apple Smart Battery Case for iPhone 6 and 6S will give you 18 hours of Internet browsing, 20 hours of video watching, and up to 25 hours of talk time.

Previously, iPhone users had to rely on third-party companies' battery cases, so the new product will surely satisfy Apple purists. Though Apple decided to launch the product quietly and without much fanfare, the handiness of the Smart Battery Case is still a huge deal.

At $99, the battery-charging case comes in two colors, white and charcoal, and resembles a regular case, with the exception of the rectangular addition in the back. The Smart Battery Case is compatible with Apple's standard Lightning Dock, so you won't need any extra cables in order to charge it. You can also charge both your phone and the case at the same time for efficiency. Your loyalty to Apple aside, another reason to choose the Smart Battery Case over other companies' options is the added bonus that you'll be able to check the battery level in your phone's notifications center rather than relying on the external case.

With the holidays coming up, Apple's Smart Battery Case would be a pretty great gift for your friends who are attached to their phones but can never keep them alive for a full day. If you still need convincing, here are some more ways in which Apple's Smart Battery Case will come in very handy...

  • When you're at the airport and your flight is delayed and an entire family complete with cousins, uncles, and grandparents have taken up every single outlet.
  • When you're stuck in an elevator with a broken emergency call button, but the WiFi signal is surprisingly strong so you binge-watch New Girl until someone comes to the rescue.
  • When you're having one of those annoyingly busy days and you don't even have five minutes to pop into a Starbucks to charge your phone.
  • When you thought camping would be fun and then it turns out it's not.
  • When your car breaks down on the highway and your biggest fear in life is a horror-movie scenario that starts with your car breaking down on the highway.
  • When you're in labor and you rushed out of the house without your cell phone charger — imagine missing that photo opp?!
  • When you lose your friends at Coachella.
  • When you wait all day to Instagram that beach sunset.
  • When you're the only one at a Napoleon Dynamite-themed party who didn't know it was going to be themed and you have nobody to talk to.
  • When you get absolutely fed up with untangling your phone charger from the landfill of stuff already in your purse.

Images: Apple