This Plugin Blocks Santa Spoilers From Kids So The Magic Can Stay Online

Preserving all the magic and wide-eyed-wonder of childhood is becoming increasingly hard in a digital world that leaves little to the imagination, and now a plugin that blocks sites that say Santa isn't real is coming to the rescue. Even with the holidays coming up, most people can recall that first, confusing moment when they were told that Santa wasn't real. We all know the feeling of wishing we could have just remained believers for just a little longer, and now this app, called Hide My Ass, is here to make sure that happens for the next generation.

A recent study revealed that one in eight children will have their belief in Santa ruined online. Whether because of the Internet or other factors, it says that the age at which children stop believing is lower than ever. For comparison: the average age that the parents in the study lost their belief was 8.7. Now, it's 7.25. It may seem like a slim difference, but it's enough to raise an eyebrow of concern. After all, the last thing we want is to have it slip any further.

But thanks to Hide My Ass (HMA, from this point forward), there is now a plugin that parents can install that will actually block anything that reveals that Santa isn't real. It's part of their new "Keep Believing in Santa" campaign. When it's active, if a child were to type the phrase "Santa isn't real" or "Is Santa real?" into a search engine, rather than a web page containing any content that would either expose or confirm, they are showed a photo of St. Nick himself (that's one way of doing it!)

Though there's nothing you can do about big-mouthed siblings or nasty little classmates, you can be sure that your kid isn't having their Christmas wonder squandered by the world wide web by downloading it here.