Kylie Jenner Lip Kit Tutorials Show Her Products In Action — VIDEOS

About a week ago little Kylie Jenner released her new lip kit collection, "Lip Kit by Kylie," which sold out immediately. The kits come in three different shades: Dolce K, Candy K, and True Brown K. I am not exaggerating when I say this: people lost their freakin' minds. The colors allegedly sold out in 30 seconds online but, being the true Kardashian-Jenner that she is, Kylie also had a launch party at Dash Boutique on Melrose Place. Guests for the exclusive launch included Hilary Baldwin, Caitlyn Jenner, Stassi from Vanderpump Rules , and beauty gurus Desi Perkins, Chrisspy, and LustreLux. Party favors for guests included lip lollipops, branded cupcakes, and photo booth photos.

Although the event was small, social media reaction was enormous, and the kits started selling on eBay for upwards of $300. However, a recent bidding war for a single kit resulted in a $10,000 price tag! Would you pay $10,000 for a liner and stick and the Kylie Jenner name? I would probably have to do a lot of meditative self-reflection before I spent ten months rent on one kit.

On the Lip Kit by Kylie Twitter, Jenner promised that there would be more chances for fans to purchase kits before Christmas saying, "I'm so sad they sold out so fast. Don't be upset! This isn't exclusive. There is more to come & still a chance to buy before Christmas!" Until then, all we can do is rely on the reviews, photos, and tutorials of others until a new release date is announced. Here are two looks created with the new kits from Desi Perkins and LustreLux to get you excited for that next magical moment!

1. Desi Perkins' Rose Gold Wing Tutorial

Start off with a primer as your base.

Get in there with that brow bone highlight to make the crease colors pop more!

Do not forget your cream foundation!

Get those base shades on your eyes to prepare you for your lid pop color. Desi uses "Frappe," "Mocha," and "Honey Butter Gold" from the Too Faced Natural Matte palette.

Boom: rose gold. She also uses another liner to blend in called "Overboard."

Highlight and conceal your face (under your eyes and t-zone)!

Contour numero uno!

Line your eyes with black and white eyeliner! The white eyeliner on your bottom lid will open your eyes and make them appear larger.

Put on some falsies and mascara to make the look pop, and then take out True Brown K!

Only one coat is necessary, as these lip kits dry matte.

Contour/bronze one more time for the complete look. . .

Wow! What a glowing rose-gold goddess.

2. LustreLux's Kylie Jenner Fall Makeup

This look was inspired by an Instagram post that Jenner put up a while ago:

Start off with eye primer and a base shade.

Get a darker crease color and a lighter eye base and blend. Re-prime your lid for a pop of color.

LustreLux is using two gold shadows called "Snakebite" and "Mirage" from Colourpop to highlight her eyes.

Extend your first darker shade to the bottom lash line for more dimension.

Line your eyes tight with a gel liner, and then smudge with the application of mascara for a smoky effect.

Add some lashes, or don't. Now, it's time for foundation. . .


... and contour!

Now just line your lips.

Put on your shade of Kylie.

And, voila!

Both makeup artists stressed that you could use other lip colors with these looks, and certainly that is true with the two other awesome shades:

For product details and a more detail-oriented tutorial go to LustreLux and Desi's videos linked in the article. Soon you'll be creating your own Kylie Lip looks along with the pros. Now, if they could just sell the kits at Target...

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Images: Screenshots/YouTube