17 Gifts For 'Once Upon A Time' Fans

by Caroline Gerdes

Ah, December. The holiday season is just the most magical time of the year. So, if you have a Once Upon A Time fan on your Christmas shopping list, why not celebrate this magical season and Season 5 with some magical gift giving as well? While magic may not exist in our realm, fans of the ABC show will likely love getting gifts inspired by the beloved fairytale series. But, if you're not sure where to start, have no fear, dearies. Here's a guide to Once Upon A Time gifts perfect for any fan.

While some viewers might be captivated by the show’s storybook references, others could love the TV magic. Some Once Upon A Time viewers likely enjoy the show's glittery romances and others might relish the back and forth between heroes and villains. Whatever fuels the fan in your life, I'm sure I've found the perfect gift for them. From jewelry, to props, to stickers, to books, to paper dolls, this list has something for every Once Upon A Time fan on your list.

Give the magic of Storybrooke this holiday season — but, you know, keep it light — the dark stuff can stay on TV.

For The Book Worm...

These gifts are for the Storybrooke fan who has read every storybook. The appeal of the show's characters is rooted in literature for these Once Upon A Time viewers, not the Disney cartoons. The Belle in your life will likely love one of the OUAT graphic novels, Once Upon a Time: Shadow of the Queen or Once Upon a Time: Out of the Past .

Once Upon a Time: Shadow of the Queen, $20, Cafepress | Once Upon A Time: Out of the Past, $15, Amazon

The book worm fan may also like a collection of fairytales with help from the creators of OUAT or an Etsy version of Henry's storybook.

Once Upon A Time: A Collection of Classic Fairytales , $9, Amazon | Henry's Once Upon A Time Stroybook, $50, Etsy

For The Marathon Viewer...

If you know a fan who is obsessed with the TV fairytale series — not the associated movies or books — I've got you covered. This fan probably loves seeing the magic unfold on the small screen, in the comfort of their own home. Bring a little more magic into their lives with prop-worthy gifts like this glowing heart or these magic beans.

Glowing Heart, $45, Etsy | Magic Beans, $50, Film Screen

This fan would also love this OUAT three season DVD set.

Once Upon A Time Three Pack, $30, Amazon

For The Fan That's Into Bling...

This OUAT viewer likely enjoys quirky jewelry that supports their fandoms. They may like charms inspired by the series or replicas from the show's array of magical talismans. Either way, Etsy has a lot of jewelry to keep a OUAT fan well accessorized. For the fan who covets exact replicas, Etsy offers Regina's apple tree necklace and Snow White's ring.

Regina's Apple Tree Necklace, $7, Etsy | Snow White's Ring, $35, Etsy

A fashionista fan would also like pieces inspired by the show, like a OUAT charm bracelet, character-inspired necklaces, or an "I will always find you" pendant.

Charm Bracelet, $20, Etsy | Character Inspired Necklace, $11, Etsy | Pendant, $5, Etsy

For The Fan Who Has A Thing For Stationery...

This fan gets lost in stationery stores and sends you letters in the mail. They love paper and paper goods. This fan would definitely appreciate a punny Prince Charming card (or a pun-tastic "Bae" card) with OUAT stickers enclosed.

Prince Charming Card, $4, Etsy | Planner Stickers, $6, Etsy

This fan would also enjoy OUAT’s Anna and Elsa paper dolls, a Snow White “Wanted” poster, or a Hook laptop decal.

OUAT Anna and Elsa Paper Dolls, $2, Etsy | Snow White "Wanted" Poster, $14, Etsy | Captain Hook Decal, $5, Etsy

Whatever gift you choose, let's just hope these good tidings are enough to tide fans over until the show returns in March.

Images: Jack Rowand/ABC, CafePress, FamilyFilms, Giphy (4), Amazon (3), Etsy (12)