Why Is Snapchat Down? The Photo App's Devotees Around The Globe Are Losing Their Minds

Starting early Tuesday morning, popular photo app Snapchat was not working for many users, and people around the globe were wondering what the hell to do with their hands. According to downdetector.com, a website that keeps track of apps and sites that go down, Snapchat has been having a lot of issues since around 5 a.m. ET on Tuesday, though occasional issues were happening over the past week. It looks like Snapchat was aware of the issues well before Tuesday morning, as around 1a.m. their support team tweeted the reason for the problems:

Hi! Some Snapchatters are currently experiencing loading issues. Our team is aware of the problem and working on a fix now!

The issues people are reporting vary from straight up not being able to log in or connect to the server to not being able to send or receive Snaps. It's a huge inconvenience for people who use the app to send silly photos to their friends throughout the day or to post videos and photos to let people know what they're up to. Users took to other social media sites to vent, naturally, about the problem, writing things such as "Wtf!! None of the snaps I've received in the last 13 hrs won't load for me to see them. Personal and story... #ShittySituation #FixIt #ASAP" or "im affected bae."

But never fear, friends. You can rest easy knowing Snapchat is on the case, and soon enough your beloved app will be back up and running — and it'll be the perfect time to send your friends a bunch of Snaps to celebrate its return.