When Asked This, Gosselin Girls Went Silent

In the midst of the Oscar nomination craziness this morning, an awkward interview on The Today Show was overshadowed, but it cannot be overlooked any longer. Kate Gosselin, the infamous mother of eight and reality show queen, sat for an interview with Today's Savannah Guthrie along with her oldest twin daughters, Mady and Cara. The intention of the interview was for the girls to "speak out" about their lives in the public eye on their own accord. From the results of the interview, it appears Gosselin's efforts to prove herself as a mother only ad insult to injury.

The interview began when Guthrie asked the girls what they want to say about how their family is doing. The response? Nothing. The girls went completely blank. Mama Gosselin quickly jumped in to cover her daughters, who were clearly speechless, and drag some kind of answer out of them.

Clearly embarrassed, Mama Gosselin was able to muster an answer further into the interview from daughter Mady, who managed to answer Guthrie's question about people having the wrong idea about the family.

“I wouldn’t say wrong. I would just say not the full story,” Mady said. “A lot of people think that filming our show has damaged us, but it’s only really helped.”

Gosselin chimed in about the interview by posting to Twitter after the show. She may be bad at a lot of things, but we give her credit for her seriously good PR skills.

We don't buy the teen's response. We don't think the show or this continued exposure is helping the kids at all. If this interview proved anything, it was that these children should not be and do not need to be in the public eye. Blame teenage awkwardness, shyness, discomfort, embarrassment, or any other plausible cause for their tongue-tied appearance this morning. It's completely normal and should not be unexpected- put any 13-year-old kid on a national talk show and watch how they perform. It won't be much different from what we saw this morning. These girls were expected to be eloquent, defend their family, and regurgitate what their mother has probably been training them to say all week. Whatever the cause, these girls and their siblings are just children and should live out their childhood- something that has already been highly publicized and scrutinized since their birth. It's time that Kate quit trying to defend her actions in the public eye and instead, start acting like a mother rather than a momager.