The Best Holiday Cookie Recipe For Your Sign

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Whether you’re lighting the menorah, trimming the Christmas tree, or just counting down the days until you can grocery shop without hearing "Jingle Bell Rock," there’s no escaping the holiday season now that it is in full swing — or the holiday cookie recipes that come with it. Me and my fellow tribe members will be packing away our menorahs well before Christmas, but the long evenings and cold weather mean holiday baking lasts all month long. And if there’s one holiday tradition even the Grinch-iest can get behind, it’s the cookie swap.

The fact that many of us are living in cramped apartments that can barely accommodate a full-size oven is no reason to forgo one of the great American holiday traditions. Dust off that tacky holiday sweater, and channel your inner suburbanite by inviting your closest friends over for an evening of culinary one-upmanship and overdosing on sprinkles. You provide the bubbly and cookie tins for sharing, and everyone brings a dozen from their favorite recipe.

Struggling to pick a signature recipe that will make your friends drool and still show off your personality? Here are the best holiday cookie recipes for your sign! You just might start a new tradition.

Aries: Softbatch Funfetti Sugar Cookies

Aries is the youngest sign, zodiacally speaking. You are known for your impulsive, reckless behavior, but your friends adore and appreciate your fun, adventurous approach to life. Get everyone at the party on your young-at-heart level with these playfully technicolor funfetti cookies by Averie Cooks. They're soft-baked and double down on the sprinkles for a sugar high that even the most serious baker won't be able to resist.

Taurus: Chewy Potato Chip Chocolate Chip Cookies

How Sweet It Is

Taurus is the old-fashioned homebody of the zodiac. This sign tends to be a cuddler, crave stability and comfort, and avoid change. Classic chocolate chip cookies just like mom used to make are an obvious pick for the tradition-loving bull, but a potato chip-infused cookie (like this one by How Sweet It Is) indulges the Taurean love of junk food.

Gemini: Ultimate Peanut Butter Chocolate Cookies

Dessert Now, Dinner Later

The sign of the twins is marked by duality and a contradictory nature that struggles with decision making. On the plus side, scatterbrained Geminis are friendly and excellent problem solvers. How to solve the debate between peanut butter versus chocolate chip, and please everyone at the party? These soft baked peanut butter and double chocolate chip swirled cookies by Dessert Now, Dinner Later combine the best of both worlds.

Cancer: Red Velvet Whoopie Pies

Brown Eyed Baker

Cancer crabs are the sensitive, nurturing, Care Bears of the zodiac. Cancer wears her heart on her sleeve, and a bright red velvet whoopie pie with marshmallow cream cheese filling is basically a hug and kiss in cookie form. These oversized, indulgent treats by Brown Eyed Baker go for quality over quantity, perfect for the sign that tends to have a few ride-or-die BFFs instead of a large circle of friends.

Leo: Raspberry Macarons

Natasha's Kitchen

The attention-loving astrological diva needs a cookie contribution that will take center stage on any swap table. Homemade macarons require a little extra effort, but Leos never hesitate to demand the finer things in life, no matter the cost. Rainbow-hued macarons are luxurious, trendy, eye-catching, and delicious… what more could a lioness want? Try this recipe by Natasha's Kitchen.

Virgo: Cranberry Bliss Bars

Averie Cooks

This recipe lets Virgo show off their exacting standards and earn their reputation as a perfectionist. Averie Cooks' white chocolate cranberry bars with cream cheese icing are a sophisticated contribution to any swap. Virgo may be known for being a little fussy, but no one will mind when the result is as delicious as this.

Libra: Rum Cherry Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Simply Scratch

If any sign is a “lover not a fighter,” it’s Libra. You’re the chattiest social butterfly at any party, and can find something to talk about with everyone you meet. Bring your own conversation starter with a boozy, adults-only cookie like this one by Simply Scratch. Plus, the hit of cherry is extra sweet and cheerful, just like Libra.

Scorpio: Mexican Mocha Crinkle Cookies

A Spicy Perspective

The most mysterious, sexy sign needs something a little edgier than your standard holiday cookie. Scorps are legendary for their fiery temper, unstoppable sexual energy, and a general air of danger. These extra dark Mexican mocha-inspired cookies by A Spicy Perspective are spiked with coffee, cinnamon, and cayenne for a little extra kick Scorpio can appreciate.

Sagittarius: No-Bake Coconut Pecan Praline Cookies

Confessions of a Cookbook Queen

Sag is confident, adventurous, and a little blunt. The risk-taking archer won’t mind skipping the oven entirely for a super-sweet no-bake cookie overloaded with nuts and coconut. These cookies by Confessions of a Cookbook Queen are laid back, original, and a little rustic, just like Sagittarius. Plus, they’re easy and fast to make, a must for a sign that’s already rushing off to the next party or a holiday camping trip.

Capricorn: Gingerbread People


You’re a straight up stickler for detail and prefer a methodical, disciplined approach to success over idealism or getting lucky. You think the classics are often the best, and even the most modern holiday party needs a solid gingerbread cookie. Capricorns are dedicated to hard work to the point of stubbornness, and should have a great time patiently decorating these cute little faces. Follow the recipe from Bakerella.

Aquarius: Christmas Crack

Table for Two Blog

Aquarians are complex individuals, often so progressive and original that others have no idea what they’re talking about. The waterbearer doesn’t care much for the warm, fuzzy, or traditional, and prefer experimenting with something new. Saltine crack bites by Table for Two Blog are a sweet and salty snack you have to try to truly appreciate. Proof that, sometimes, kooky can be delicious.

Pisces: Peanut Butter Bacon and Dark Chocolate Cookies

Joy the Baker

Pisces tends to sacrifice for others, providing comfort and emotional support to anyone in need. Intuitive, emotional, and imaginative, Pisces needs a recipe that gives them some creative freedom and pleases a crowd. Peanut butter bacon cookies (like these from Joy the Baker) let you get creative with the mix-ins. Swap the bacon for salted peanuts, or go for white chocolate instead. Even better, they’re flourless and naturally gluten-free.

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