9 Emotions 'House M.D.' Fans Experience While Watching The Team Save Lives & Break Laws

If you have ever watched House M.D. , you know that it is more than just your typical medical show. Things get pretty crazy once Dr. Gregory House is assigned a patient. Solving just one medical case includes multiple tests needing to be taken, breaking into the victims house, fighting with his co-workers, flirting with his co-workers, the patient almost dying, and House doing something illegal, al before that patient can walk out of the hospital healthy. And, yes, he may be a bit of a miracle worker, but I highly doubt that every case that doctors deal with on a daily basis are as intense as House's.

Which is why watching an episode of House M.D. comes with it's own levels of stress for us audience members. While things usually end up okay, sometimes they don't! And, if we blink for just a second, we may miss a serious discovery in that case. Will House figure it out? Will someone on his team get fired? Will he finally hook-up with Dr. Cuddy? You better brace yourself before heading into that Netflix marathon. Because, even though everything always ends up going mostly the same way, this could be the episode it doesn't — you never know.

Get ready to dial 911. Here are the 11 symptoms every House M.D. fan goes through while watching an episode.

1. Shock

The episode begins. Someone is talking, and, suddenly, they pass out. You think they're the patient, but then, suddenly, someone else across the room starts having a seizure. You were wrong! The immediate curiosity sets in.

2. Relief

The team meets their newest patient. They list the symptoms and usually figure out how they can start treating him pretty quickly. The patient immediately seems to get better. They've got this!

3. Panic

After everything was seemingly going well, the patient suddenly goes into cardiac arrest! He stops breathing, and the team quickly tries to revive him. What is going on?!

4. Tickled

House says something witty that makes you let a little laugh out. It's another one of those typical moments for him and you can't ignore it... Even if you're watching it by yourself.

5. Intrigue

Something happens in the episode that isn't a usual occurrence. House flirts with Cuddy, two of his team members end up hooking up, or worse — House is actually dying. It's the moment that is sure to put you on the edge of your seat. Aside from whatever was happening with that episode's patient.

6. Confusion

Suddenly, the team is spitting out medical jargon or breaking into the patient's home, and you have a brief moment of not really knowing where the episode is going at all.

7. Uncontrollable Eye Rolling

You finally hear the patient's diagnosis, and it's just as absurd as it always is. It may even include House needed to piss off Cuddy by breaking the law (again). Yet, you have to keep watching.

8. Nausea

The team performs the mandatory operation on the patient, and you want to look away from their guts sprawled out the table. But you just. Can't. Suddenly, you feel as if maybe you're dying of an insane disease as well.

9. Acceptance

The procedure goes well and it's time for the patient to finally go home. You get a warm fuzzy feeling inside as the patient is reunited with their family. You may not fully understand why or how things turned out the way they did. But the episode is over, and it's time to start the process all over again.

Happy marathoning!

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