9 Effortless Ways To Save Yourself From A Bad Hair Day

Unfortunately, we aren't all Beyoncé. Having #flawless hair isn't always in the cards. Save yourself from a bad hair day by learning how to combat some of your hair's major problems. Whether your hair is falling limp or becoming freakishly frizzy, there are many ways to fix lackluster locks. Many of these easy fixes take less than five minutes to do! It's that easy. Don't think that you won't have time to tame your mane. There no more excuses for having less-than-stellar strands.

As we all know, bad hair days can absolutely ruin your confidence. So put your best foot forward by putting your best hair forward. It may sound silly, but taking the time to focus on your hair can really do wonders for your overall mood. Ladies, it's time to make bad hair days a thing of the past. While we might not all be able to be Beyoncé, we can all be the best version of ourselves. Or at least have the best hair. Still wondering what you can do to take your hair from a hot-mess express to fierce and fabulous? Here are nine ways to save yourself from another bad hair day.

1. Try A Braid

DivineCaroline.com suggested hiding unruly strands by throwing your hair into an easy braid. It's a quick way to elevate your hairstyle from simply boring to insanely chic.

2. Soak Up Any Oils

If your hair is feeling less than clean, add a bit of dry shampoo to the roots to soak up any oils and plump up your strands. Elle also noted that this is a great way to extend your blowout, as well.

3. Add Some Volume

Consider amping up your volume if your hair is falling a bit flat. Take your strands to the next level by spraying your roots with hairspray and teasing. It's an easy fix to a less-than-stellar hair day. Stylecaster.com even has a complete guide on properly teasing your hair.

4. Fight Off Frizz

If you're rushing out the door, you may feel like you don't have time to tame your frizz. A quick fix is to take a simple dryer sheet and run it through your strands. The dryer sheet lessens the static and helps to tame any fly-aways, according to Bustle writer, Miki Hayes.

5. Amp Up Your Bedhead

Wake up with messy bedhead? Amp it up by adding a texturizing paste to select pieces in your hair. Adding texture is a great way to take your hair from messy to boho chic, according to DailyMakeover.com.

6. Change Your Part

A easy way to get instant volume is to simply change your part. Babble.com suggested flipping your hair from one side to the other in order to create a totally different hairstyle.

7. Embrace Accessories

Accessories are the easiest way to transform your hairstyle. Banish any bad hair day by sporting a festive headband or statement pin.

8. Revive Your Curls

Bring your curls back to life by misting your ends with water and scrunching. It's a simple way to reform your curls without doing any excessive styling.

9. Make It Sleek

Sleek hair is definitely in for 2015. Elle suggested to simply add gel to your hair, and comb into submission. It's a quick fix to any bad hair day.

Never suffer from a bad hair day again. Channel your inner hair goddess by knowing how to prevent bad hair days.

Images: Pixabay (1)