5 Reasons You're Not Supposed To Be Happy All The Time — So Relax About It

Based on what we consume day-in and day-out, it would only make sense to assume that we're supposed to be happy all the time. Between articles that instruct you how to eat, sleep, work, and friend better, and shows and commercials in which the models and characters' worst days are having a blemish or getting into a minor spat with their significant other that's ultimately resolved in 20 minutes — it's hard to get a grasp on just how normal it is to have a truly difficult life.

The bigger point is that we're being conditioned to believe that happiness is a sustained state of feeling "good." Not only is this not reality — it's also very dangerous. When we try to force ourselves to feel just one way, we actually cut ourselves off from our entire scope of emotion, all of which serves a purpose: namely, the negative is there to tell us that something's wrong. The problem is that we don't know how to cope with what our emotions are telling us isn't right. Not that we aren't doing enough just to "feel good."

In the same way your physical body would respond with pain if it were in a position in which its safety or health were compromised — and your attention need be had — your emotional body does, too. Real happiness is not how much you feel "good," or how often, but the intelligence and depth with which you can confront, evaluate and ultimately act on when you feel not so good. To prove it to you, here are all the reasons why you're not supposed to be happy all the time (so chill about it).

Unhappiness Serves A Crucial Purpose

It tells you when something is wrong, or when action needs to be taken. It worsens when it is not listened to genuinely, or when you essentially cover it up with other actions.

You Understand Happiness To The Degree That You Understand The Opposite Of It

Just like how if there were no such thing as rainy days, the concept of a "sunny day" wouldn't exist — neither would happiness.

You Are Supposed To Use The Entire Scope Of Your Emotions

That's why we're programmed with them! It's only believing that we're not supposed to feel these things that we trip up and get in our own way.

If You Were Happy All The Time You Wouldn't Grow

If you were never pushed to change, you'd never evolve, and in evolving, you ultimately gain and develop the tools to create a better life for yourself altogether.

"Happy" Is Not The Best Thing There Is To Be

There's also curious and devoted and interested and compassionate and passionate and the list goes on and on. "Happy" is an umbrella term for many more interesting — just because they are not placid does not mean they are not pleasant!

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