Bernie Sanders Took The Whisper Challenge With Jimmy Fallon & 'The Tonight Show' Host Didn't Know What He Was Getting Himself Into — VIDEO

Late-night shows are a great way for presidential hopefuls to reach new audiences. They also offer candidates an opportunity to be a bit more human and relish their goofier sides, deviating from standard interview formats and instead allowing for more of a relaxed question and answer. That was certainly the case for Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders, who got loud on The Tonight Show by taking The Whisper Challenge with host Jimmy Fallon. Equipped with headphones blaring loud music, Fallon was able to guess Sanders' phrase of "Iowa Caucus" but not after a few hilarious failed attempts.

Even before taking the stage, the SNL alum was joking about the Democratic candidate. Fallon imitated Sanders being taken back that he wasn't voted People's sexiest man alive, though the Vermont Senator was named TIME's reader's choice for person of the year.

"Why aren't I sexiest man? This is an outrage!" Fallon quipped before making a quip about Sanders' age, which he readily apologized for once Sanders had sat down for an interview.

Sanders joins the likes of Blake Shelton, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and Rebel Wilson as guests who've taken The Whisper Challenge. He did so with ease, guessing that Fallon had said "Feel The Bern" almost instantaneously.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on YouTube

Jokes aside, Sanders and Fallon did manage to have a relatively straight-forward interview.

The two discussed Sanders' thoughts on his fellow candidates, specifically Donald Trump and his proposition to ban all Muslims from entering the country. Sanders predictably denounced Trump's comments before moving onto detailing his new climate change plan. The 16 page plan was unveiled on Monday on Sanders' website. Fallon took it upon himself to praise, calling it a very impressive resource for voters; Sanders responded:

Sanders' comprehensive, multifaceted plan calls for concrete investments in green energy, something he says can be better achieved by campaign contributions instead going towards fighting global warming. The plan has been praised by the likes of Greenpeace's U.S. Executive Director Annie Leonard and Ben Cohen of Ben & Jerry's fame. If Sanders' Whisper Challenge performance is any indication, this latest addition to his list of proposed reforms is sure to make the American public "Feel the Bern."