9 Habits Of Girls With Healthy Hair

Stop dreaming of gorgeous, healthy hair – obtain it! When it comes to changing up your hair care routine, it's all about switching to healthy hair care habits. For instance, girls with luscious locks don't tend to reach for products with harsh chemicals and fragrances. Instead, try using products formulated for your hair type that are made with more natural ingredients. Look for key phrases like strengthening or softening on the labeling of your future products. Typically, these are the items that are going to revitalize your strands from the inside out.

One thing to realize is that gorgeous hair doesn't happen overnight. It may take weeks, even months to completely transform your hair, however, don't let this hold you back. Everyone deserves hair that makes him or her feel comfortable and sexy. Adopting healthy hair habits is the first step to gaining total hair confidence. Wondering how you can change your hair for the better? Here are nine hair habits that girls with healthy hair swear by.

1. Avoiding Sulfates

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Sulfates, while effective at cleaning the hair, can also cause major damage to your strands. Shampoos that are loaded with sulfates have been known to dehydrate the hair, add frizz, and remove any color buildup, according to The Huffington Post. In order to get clean, healthy hair, stick to shampoo that are marked as sulfate-free. It's an easy way to change your hair care routine for the better.

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2. Applying Weekly Hair Masks

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Hair masks are essential for achieving soft, manageable hair. According to Alli Webb, founder of DryBar, “Applying a weekly hair mask to rehydrate and soften tired, over processed hair is a trick I’ve been using for years."

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3. Avoiding Bleach


In order to keep your hair as healthy as possible, try to avoid over-processing your hair. If you must dye your hair, stick to the six week rule. According to, hair dye needs to be refreshed every six weeks in order to prevent fading. Hair dying techniques like balayage or ombre have to be refreshed even less, which means less hair damage.

4. Using Leave-In Conditioner

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Moisture is key for keeping your hair healthy, shiny, and manageable. According to Marie Claire , leave-in conditioners add moisture and shine to your hair without adding excessive weight to the strands.

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5. Keeping The Heat Low

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It's no secret that heat styling is bad for your hair. However, even girls with extremely healthy hair can't avoid heat styling. Instead, try using your styling tools at their lowest heat level for your hair type. Essentially, keep your hot tools at a temperature that is cooler than normal, yet still effective at styling your hair, according to

6. Getting Regular Trims


If you look closely, women with perfect hair typically don't have split ends. recommends to get a trim regularly to ensure that your hair maintains a gorgeous shape.

7. Taking Vitamins

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Forget diamonds – vitamins are a girl's a best friend. Keep your hair looking and feeling healthy from the inside-out by taking hair enhancing vitamins like Biotin or Vitamin D, as recommended by The Huffington Post.

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8. Shampooing Correctly

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Everyone's hair type is different, therefore every shampoo routine needs to be different. For those with fine or oil-proned hair, you should try to wash your hair every other day in order to avoid oil buildup. However, Birchbox suggests that women with thick, curly hair can go as long as five days without using shampoo.

9. Using Wide-Tooth Combs

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Brushing your hair while wet can cause major breakage. However, if you're hair is tangled while wet, you have no choice but to brush. If you need to brush wet hair, try reaching for a wide-tooth comb. These combs glide through the hair easily without snagging your strands, according to

Obtaining gorgeous, shiny hair isn't as hard as you might think. Copy these healthy hair habits in order to achieve your own sexy hair.

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