Bella Hadid Stars In The Weeknd's 'In The Night', Makes Stylish Video Debut — VIDEO

The Hadid sisters are on fire right now. While Gigi may be getting all the attention lately, Bella is trailing not too far behind her, climbing up the fashion ladder in the same way. In her latest venture, Bella Hadid stars in The Weeknd's In The Night music video, further proving that she is following in her big sister's footsteps.

The siblings' careers mirror each other in more ways than one. They both landed gigs with Victoria's Secret, walked many of the same runway shows including Tommy Hilfiger and Balmain, and now, they're both video girls. Who could forget Gigi's stint in Calvin Harris' smash hit How Deep Is Your Love ?

The 19-year-old's music video debut is totally badass and rebellious, involving a strip club, guns, blood, a kidnapping, and lots of brooding — definitely different from Gigi's seductive yet safe video role. While the Weeknd spends most of the time singing in the rain, his IRL girlfriend struts around in sexy getups and sultry makeup, letting her true femme fatale shine through. The clip has lots of old school vibes, sort of reminiscent of an '80s Michael Jackson video, in everything from the footage quality to the wardrobe.

Let's break down Hadid's super sexy look as a badass dancer in the video.

The Nails

Shiny black stiletto nails seem totally appropriate for this rebellious role.

The Beauty Look

She sports some electric blue shadow, which brings out the bluish greenish hue of her eyes. Her cheeks appear to be contoured a bit to accentuate her high cheekbones, and the slick straight hair feels super vampy.

Fashion Look #1

The model ups the sexiness in this red onesie, shiny leather jacket, and thigh-high black boots.

Fashion Look #2

There is a brief shot at the end of Hadid dressed in skintight patent leather, a studded choker, and chunky heels.

To see all the racy action, check out the full video.

TheWeekndVEVO on YouTube

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