32 'PLL' Questions Even Fans Can't Answer

by Marenah Dobin

As any fan knows, Pretty Little Liars can be pretty frustrating to watch sometimes. We may all love it and obsess over it, but it can definitely be a lot to deal with, thanks to all those plot twists. As soon as one mystery is solved, another pops up; there are constantly new questions needing answers. The cycle never ends and it feels like there will always be something unknown about PLL. You may have seen every episode 10 times, but there are still so many Pretty Little Liars questions that even the biggest fans can't answer.

Some of these mysteries are major, while others are not as critical to the plot, just tiny things that superfans cannot help but notice and question after watching this show for six seasons. Yet no matter how big or small, these questions definitely all add up, and loyal viewers just want some things explained. I don't know if that's ever going to happen, but at least fans can take solace with each other when it comes to unanswered PLL questions, such as:

1. Did CeCe & Jason DiLaurentis Hook Up?

I realize that "hook up" is a pretty vague term, but I am still wondering. Charlotte went by the alias CeCe Drake and dated her own brother, but she told Ali that they never had sex. But did they do anything? I cannot fathom the thought, but I also cannot help wondering about it.

2. Why Would Jessica DiLaurentis Knowingly Let Her Children Date?

When Jessica found out that her son's girlfriend CeCe was actually her daughter Charlotte, why did she let her go to Cape May with the family and continue to date her own brother?

3. What Happened To The A-Team?

The A-Team was a big thing for a while — how did that just fade away? I get that CeCe stole the game from Mona, but did she just fire all of her other followers?

4. Who Killed Jessica DiLaurentis?

I am assuming that this is something we will find out in Season 6B. Jessica was not the most well-liked and had a penchant for bribing her way out of situations, so her killer really could be anyone. It might have even been an accident for all we know.

5. How Has Ali's Hair Been Perfectly Curled The Whole Time?

This is not really pivotal to any story line, but I cannot be the only one who's noticed this. How did Ali have perfectly curled hair the entire time she was on the run? Did she run around with a curling wand and hairspray while she was getting beat up and kidnapped?

6. How Does It Make Sense That Bethany Killed Marion Cavanaugh When Toby Was A Young Child, But Marion Was Alive When Toby Was A Teenager?

CeCe claims that Bethany pushed Toby's mom off the roof when Charles and Bethanny were young children. This would mean that Toby and Allison were babies at the time. How would it make sense for Mrs. Cavanaugh to walk in on Toby and Alison about to kiss as teenagers? Was she a ghost? Was CeCe lying? Even Lucy Hale questioned this in a tweet when she wrote, "Is that really the truth of what happened to Mrs. Cavanaugh?"

7. What's Up With A Using British Spellings In Those Threatening Notes?

Sometimes the threats from A used British spellings for words and this made me think that Wren had something to do with it. But now that CeCe has confessed to being A, I'm really thrown off. What was up with that?

8. Will Mona Face Any Repercussions For Killing Bethany Young?

No one really seemed to care about this with all of the other crazy revelations in the 6A finale, but what's going to happen to Mona? Does she go to any of the Ivy League schools where she was accepted? Or does she get punished for the murder with jail time or another stint in a mental institution?

9. Why Did Radley Let CeCe Drake Take College Classes With No Supervision?

CeCe was sent to Radley because Mr. DiLaurentis thought she tried to kill her little sister. Then she got in trouble for killing Mrs. Cavanaugh by pushing her off the roof. But after all that, everyone thought it was OK for CeCe to leave the facility to take college classes without any supervision. How does that make any sense at all?

10. How Did CeCe Have College Roommates When She Was A Patient At Radley?

As we all know by now, pretty much anyone could sneak in and out of Radley, but how did CeCe put her name on a lease, fill her room with stuff, and be around enough to pull of being someone's college roommate? I also feel like she would have needed a parent to co-sign a rental agreement, but maybe I'm putting too much thought into this.

11. How Did CeCe Fund And Set Up That Elaborate Doll House?

Obviously, this girl is a genius. She got into an Ivy League school while she studied in an asylum, masterminded this insane plan to terrorize teenage girls, and found success investing in the stock market. Nevertheless, I still want to know how this house existed. How did no one notice CeCe building it in the middle of nowhere? How much did it cost to have an entire house with such elaborate security measures? Who recorded that multi-language welcome message that the girls heard when they first arrived? CeCe even perfectly recreated all of their bedrooms. This whole operation required ample funds and distinct details.

12. How Did Mona Help CeCe Escape Radley When She Wasn't Lucid Enough To Know If She Was CeCe Or Ali?

This doesn't make any sense to me, but I've also never trusted Mona at all. She helped CeCe leave Radley and take over the A Game, but she had no idea if she was talking to CeCe or Ali when she was spilling the gossip. How much does Mona really know? Can she ever be trusted?

13. Why Does Rhys Matthews Look Like Jason DiLaurentis?

Is there another illegitimate DiLaurentis offspring roaming around Rosewood? Why does he look so much like Jason? CeCe did hire him to help her make investments. Was she trying to keep it all in the family?

14. How Did CeCe Get That Vial Of Blood In Spencer's Bag While She Was In England?

There's no way that Spencer could get on a plane with a carry-on bag containing a vial of blood, so this means that someone in London slipped it in her bag. How did CeCe make this happen? Did she have minions in Europe?

15. Why Would Jessica Buy Bethany A Horse If She Framed Her Child For Murder?

Jessica DiLaurentis was having an affair with Bethany Young's dad so I get that she was trying to suck up to his daughter. Still, why would she spend so much time with someone who framed her child for murder? Did she not believe CeCe when she said she didn't do it? I don't get why Jessica would spend so much time with someone so erratic and mentally unstable.

16. How Did The Liars Remove Those Chips From Their Necks Without Freaking Out?

That looked painful as hell. How did they do that without panicking or passing out from blood loss?!

17. Who Put Knives Inside Karate Jake's Punching Bag?

This was back when it seemed like Ezra could be A because his book research was pretty suspiciously A-like behavior. So, it made sense to think that Ezra put knives in the punching bag when Jake was a love interest for Aria, but it was never addressed.

18. Did Emily Use The Hardware Store Gift Card That A Got Her After Driving A Car Through The House?

After CeCe drove that car through the Fields family living room, a still masked A was shown buying hardware store gift card for Emily Fields. I wonder if she ever used that or if the scene was just something to amuse viewers.

19. Will Jenna Return?

I live for Jenna Marshall. There's just something about her occasional presense that elevates any situation. Will we ever see her again?

20. What's Up With Lucas & Jenna Going To Prom Together?

In the 6A finale, Hanna mentioned that Jenna and Lucas went to prom together. How did that happen? I had no idea that they interacted at all. Were they there as friends? Were they a couple? I would love to know.

21. Where Is Noel Kahn?

I will never know what to make of Noel Kahn, but he just always pops up at the most random times. His wealth and eternal shadiness make him a vital game changer when the Liars are in any sort of jam. Plus, he's hot so I would love for him to re-emerge.

22. Why Was Sydney Driscoll Introduced As A Character?

This story line went nowhere. She had some seemingly sexual tension with Emily and then it turns out that she only befriended her because Jenna asked her to. But then nothing came of that, either. What was the point of her pretending to be friends with Emily? The girl just disappeared. She was a pretty useless character, in all honesty.

23. What Is The Point Of Having Sara Harvey On The Show?

Is anyone a fan of Sara Harvey? She's such an unlikable character that I didn't even feel bad when she was trapped in that Doll House for two years. Viewers never really got to know her and then she just became an integral part of CeCe's A game at the last minute in the finale without actually adding anything to the plot.

24. What Kind Of Allegiance Did Sara Have to CeCe?

If CeCe let Sara escape to be her substitute Red Coat and the Black Widow, why didn't she just run away from her? Was CeCe forcing her to help out in her twisted scheme or did Sara get off on torturing the girls? It's extremely unclear and I am happy that Emily punched her in the face during the 6A finale.

25. Why Does Lesli Stone Even Exist?

This girl was straight up annoying. First, she was a diehard Mona Stan/liar whose testimony helped send them all to jail and then she freaked out on Mona at the Brew. Then we found out that she used to live with Bethany Young at Radley. Hopefully the writers address this in 6B. Otherwise, I don't get why she would be introduced in the first place.

26. What Was Up With Wren Drawing A Girl With A Road Coat?

I always felt like there was something shady about Wren. Sure, any dude who hooks up with two sisters is creepy AF, but aside from that I just never trusted him. This was especially true when he was shown drawing a brunette girl wearing a red coat at the end of an episode during Season 4. This had to have something to do with Red Coat, right!? Was it Alison rocking her Vivian Darkbloom persona or another one of the brunettes on the show? I just cannot think that Wren had nothing to do with the A game. I refuse to believe it.

27. What Happened To Eddie Lamb?

This was so weird. Eddie Lamb was the nice, friendly man who worked at Radley, answered Ezra's questions when he was writing his book, and later talked to Aria and Spencer. Then he just left Radley out of nowhere. Did he disappear to escape A's wrath? Did A make him disappear? Will this ever be addressed?

28. Why Did Spencer Know How To Disable A Bomb?

Spencer has always been "the smart one" in the clique, but am I the only one who was caught off guard when she was able to dismantle explosives in the 6A finale?

29. What Happened To Pepe?

Jessica DiLaurentis rescued Pepe, who arrived after she disappeared. Sadly, Pepe was there to find her body, but what happened to him after that? Did the family just get rid of the dog?

30. How Was CeCe Listed As The Prom Queen In The Yearbook?

Maybe CeCe just showed up to Rosewood High School and had them take her photo on Picture Day. But then that photo was put in the yearbook with the "prom queen" label next to her name! How does that even happen?

31. How Did The Liars All Leave For College On The Same Day Without Any Parents Or Loved Ones To Send Them Off?

These girls were focused on everything but school work. Aside from Hanna, college acceptances were up in the air for all of them. Then they all somehow get into college, on time? And on top of that, they all went to schools that required them to leave on the same day. Plus, after all the girls have been through, I figured that their parents and significant others would at least say goodbye to them, or at least make sure they didn't get kidnapped again.

32. If Wilden Was Being Paid Off From The Start Then Why Was He Trying To Solve Ali's Murder The Whole Time?

This is one of the biggest mysteries. If Jessica DiLaurentis paid off Detective Wilden the night that Ali "disappeared," did he really not know that she was buried in the backyard, or was he just pretending he didn't the entire time? That just doesn't make sense to me at all.

Pretty Little Liars is a mysterious show by nature, so I don't think fans will ever get all of these questions answered. Even if we do, there will definitely be more unsolved mysteries and the cycle will continue.

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