12 Terms Only 'The League' Fans Understand & Will Use Long After The Series Ends

Fans of FXX’s The League are about to say goodbye to their favorite Fantasy Football gang, with the show’s final episode airing Wednesday, Dec. 9. Throughout the The League’s seven-season run, fans have essentially become members of the Fantasy Football team too, judging characters' draft choices, understanding inside jokes, and speaking the group’s language. In fact, after all these years, there are certain terms that only fans of The League understand.

If you watch The League, some of the show’s slang has probably seeped into your vocabulary. The raunchy comedy is especially fond of hilariously giving names to some of life’s more unseemly situations, which can make referring to these activities a little more amusing. There’s another reason The League’s witty terminology and on-screen ribbing feels fun for viewers: Improv. In a 2013 New York Comic-Con appearance, show co-creators Jeff Schaffer and Jackie Marcus-Schaffer said the scripts were outlines that left room for the comedic actors to improvise. Shaffer said, “We call it semi-scripted or semi-improvised because it’s the best of both worlds.”

In honor of all of the jokes The League has let us in on over the years, here’s a short dictionary of 12 The League-isms only longtime fans truly understand. Proceed at your own risk, there is very little that this raunchy comedy shied away from describing.

1. The Shiva

The most coveted prize in The League, won at the annual Shiva Bowl; named for nerdy high school classmate Shivakamini Somakandarkram, who grew up to be a beautiful doctor

2. Forever Unclean

When Rodney Ruxin deems something so dirty that it can never be clean again; i.e. Baby Geoffrey after eating a water cookie*

*Urinal cake

3. Vinegar Strokes

How do I put this delicately? The face a dude makes when he's about to finish

4. Chalupa Batman

The name of a baby when you lose a bet. See: Chrisopher Benjamin MacArthur

5. Yobogoya

A bucket of questionable discount meat; a sudden urge accompanying food poisoning

6. Eskimo Brothers

Someone who has slept with someone you have slept with; a person with whom you share past sexual encounters

7. Bobbum Man

Kevin’s greatest fear; a man in a van who is after your Bobbum*


8. Neckflix

Netflix for ties; Taco’s latest entrepreneurial idea

9. Rosterbating

To be sexually attracted to one’s own Fantasy Football roster

10. Crarf

To cry and barf at the same time

11. Mr. McGibblets

An annoying children’s character; trying to scare your child and having it backfire on you

12. Fear Boner

To get an erection when you're really scared

As heartbreaking as it is to know that The League will no longer add phrases like these to our lexicon, at least we can keep its memory alive by continuing to incorporate them into everyday conversations.

Images: Patrick McElhenney/FX; GifsOnTheGrid/Tumblr; Giphy (4)