9 Recipes For On-The-Go Foods You Can Eat All Week

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I'm usually in a rush. And it means having snacks you can eat on the go that also aren't just donuts are super helpful to my every v day life. Some days I oversleep or lose track of time, and I'm suddenly running out the door, realizing I completely forgot to eat and now won't get the chance for hours (or worse, will just end up hitting the vending machines or grabbing a greasy slice of pizza).

In an interview with food expert Michael Pollan, author of Cooked: A Natural History of Transformation for Boston Public Radio, Pollen stressed the importance of taking time to prepare meals for yourself over just buying whatever you can find on the go. "It’s the only way to take control of your diet. You’re having people prepare your food who are large industrial corporations— they really are not interested in your health, they’re really just interested in selling you food." He noted the food you buy in a rush will almost never be as good for your as food you prepared for yourself at home.

OK, we get it. Cooking for yourself is awesome. But it still doesn't solve the problem of not always having the time to do it every single day. And because of that, I've compiled a list of nine recipes that you can make all at once and eat on the go all week to help you eat more home-cooked foods.

1. Breakfast Muffins

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Breakfast muffins are perfect for making in large batches and then having for whenever you need. And you can throw a batch in the freezer to always have something on hand for those weeks when you may not have time to whip them up.

2. Granola Bars

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Much like breakfast muffins, granola bars are perfect for having something relatively good for you on hand that are also super portable. You'll also always be sure exactly what's in them since you made them yourself.

3. Popsicles


I only recently discovered this recipe and I'm majorly psyched about it. And because it's made from real blended fruit and uses Greek yogurt, it's way more substantial than the usual DIY popsicle recipes made from just fruit juice.

4. Breakfast Cookies

TheSquishyMonster on YouTube

A batch of nutritious cookies are perfect for when you don't have time to make something substantial or will need a snack for later but don't want to have to grab something from a convenience store. Plus, you can tailor them completely to your taste buds!

5. Overnight Oats

The Domestic Geek on YouTube

I know — yet another breakfast idea. But the reality is most of us are in the biggest rush in the morning, so it makes sense! Overnight oats are not only crazy easy, but if you make them in a sealable jar you can bring them with you to work each morning.

6. Mini Quiches

Show Me the Yummy on YouTube

These are awesome for any time of day, and much like the breakfast muffins or cookies, they are ideal for making in a large batch so that you'll have them on hand throughout the entire week. Plus, they look adorable

7. Oven-Made Jerky

Food Wishes on YouTube

This recipe is so awesome because you don't need anything except your oven (a lot of jerky recipes require a dehydrator). It also means you can eat protein on the go whenever you're in a rush, which is nice since so many on-the-go recipes are carb-based.

8. Quesadillas

This one takes slightly more prep work in the moment than some of the others, but if you keep tortillas and some cheese on hand and have a microwave, you're basically set. Quesadillas are also great for those days when you're not in a rush, but are just too tired to cook when you get home.

9. Peanut Butter It Up

OK, I fully admit this isn't a recipe. But the fact of the matter is having healthy peanut butter and some whole grain bread on hand can always help you out in a time crunch. My personal favorite brand is Smuckers, because unlike a lot of "natural" brands, there is no sugar added, so I can keep my sammy as sweet or as savory as I want.

Smuckers Natural Chunky Peanut Butter, $2.94, Walmart.com

The reality of modern life is that we often feel stretched for time, and odds are even if we try to prioritize time-management, every now and then we're going to have one of those days or weeks when we just need to run out the door. Just consider these recipes a back up plan for when those times inevitably strike.

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