Emma Roberts Won't Be Checking In To 'AHS: Hotel'

The fifth season of American Horror Story is winding down, and "Surprise, b*tch," Emma Roberts hasn't showed up on AHS: Hotel . For fans of the anthology, this season — while great — has been missing two key players in Ryan Murphy's arsenal: Jessica Lange and Roberts. In September, Roberts teased a potential return to AHS, but didn't get into details about her appearance. Now, Roberts tells Yahoo that she won't be appearing in AHS: Hotel , but that doesn't mean we should give up hope seeing her on future seasons of the show, so don't worry.

In September, Roberts told Entertainment Weekly that her appearance at the Hotel Cortez is "everything you could dream of and more. Everything you could nightmare about and more." She also notes that things are always changing, which seems to be what could have happened in this situation. According to a December interview with Yahoo, Roberts said that the return the the show wasn't going to happen, although she seems to be just as sad about it as you and I.

The good news is Roberts promised her return to the series in the same interview with Yahoo. She says that she and Ryan Murphy said "next season [they'll] do something amazing and devilish." Umm, "amazing" and "devilish"? Sign. Me. Up.

But, what is standing in the way of Roberts appearing in AHS: Hotel? According to Roberts, the reason she isn't able to film AHS: Hotel is because she is "leaving town to go do a movie." You might be surprised to hear that AHS: Hotel is still filming, but according to Roberts, "they're shooting the last two episodes right now."

The movie that Roberts is currently filming is Billionaire Boys Club. The film is reportedly filming in New Orleans, which prohibits Roberts to film with her AHS: Hotel family. Billionaire Boys Club is a remake of the 1987 TV miniseries Billionaire Boys Club. The film will follow Ansel Elgort and Taron Egerton's characters as they create a Ponzi scheme called the Billionaire Boys Club in the '80s. According to Variety, the scheme collapsed and things took a quick turn to murder, leading to a legal trial.

Roberts, who shared a Billionaire Boys Club cast-filled Instagram with fans, plays Sidney, the love interest of Joe Hunt, Ansel Elgort’s character. The film doesn't have a release date yet, but is expected to be released in 2016. Until then... I'll just be here crying about Roberts not appearing in AHS: Hotel.

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