17 Perfect Gifts For Women Who Love Comics

Now that superheroes and comic books are so popular, you would think coming up with gift ideas for women who love comics would be easy, but finding a truly unique gift amidst all the other products can still be a challenge. Whether the comic-loving lady in your life is a fan of Marvel, DC, other independent publishers, or all of the above, there are plenty of handmade and licensed items out there that will put a smile on her face. Plus there's no harm in getting yourself a present too.

For comic lovers, you can buy pretty much anything with the most popular superheroes on it. T-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, and other apparel? Of course! Socks? Definitely— some even have capes for your calves. You can get printed or hand-painted glasses focused on the Justice League or the Avengers. There's also a wide range of original artwork featuring beloved characters right from the pages of comic books. If you want to go for a classic present, gifting your friend with some of the best comics of the year is a fantastic idea, or if you want to personalize it, give them the collection of their favorite series. Still need ideas? Here are 17 gift options for the friends, family members, significant other, co-workers, and anyone else in your life who finds the most cheer in comic books.

1. POW! Mug

POW! Mug, $13, Etsy

For the comic-and-coffee lover in your life, this mug will help them wake up in the morning, or hold their favorite kind of tea.

2. BatBot Ceramic Piggy Bank

BatBot Ceramic Piggy Bank, $25, Etsy

Piggy banks aren't for everyone, but this ceramic Batman figure is too cute to pass up. Even if your gift-receiver doesn't use it to hold her change, it makes for a fantastic decoration.

3. Ms. Marvel Vol. 1

Ms. Marvel Vol. 1, $13, Amazon

One of the most-talked about comics of the last few years is Marvel's new Ms. Marvel. I won't blame you if you also get a copy for yourself.

4. Wonder Woman Backpack

Wonder Woman Backpack, $26, Hot Topic

This Wonder Woman backpack would be perfect for anyone who often has trouble lugging all their comics home from the store. What better way to carry your new favorites home than with a stylish comic-themed bag?

5. Avengers Cutting Board

Avengers Cutting Board, $22, Etsy

This Avengers kitchen accessory is perfect for the comic-loving cook, or someone who just needs a cutting board to make some great guacamole at your next Marvel movie marathon.

6. Comic Bento Subscription

One-month plan, $20; six-month plan, $105, Comic Bento

If you're not sure what comics to get your friend, get her a subscription to Comic Bento, which sends $60 worth of comics to subscribers each month. Basically, they make all the hard choices for you.

7. Marvel Comic Book Pumps

Marvel Comic Book Pumps, $130, Etsy

This custom pair of shoes is a great gift for anyone who wants to show their love for their favorite characters all the way down to their heels.

8. Batman Bat Symbol Light Set

Batman Bat Symbol Light Set, $19, Super Hero Stuff

Does she love strings of lights? Does she love Batman? Doe she need something to decorate her living room or bedroom? This light set has you covered.

9. Comic Book Coffee Cup Sleeve

Comic Book Coffee Cup Sleeve, $10, CraftyStaci/Etsy

Looking for a retro comic gift idea? This sleeve is stylish and fantastic for any comic fan that also has a coffee cup permanently attached to their hand.

10. Gotham Academy Vol. 1

Gotham Academy Vol. 1, $9, Amazon

One of DC Comics' newer titles, this series follows a group of teenaged students at Gotham Academy as they solve mysteries in the same city inhabited by Batman. It may be a lesser known title, but it's a good recommendation for any comic reader looking to branch out.

11. Guardians of the Galaxy Watercolor Painting

Guardians of the Galaxy Watercolor Painting, $20, Etsy

This beautiful piece of abstract art is fantastic and would make a great addition to any wall.

12. Wonder Woman Ribbon Ornament

Wonder Woman Ribbon Ornament, $10, FlourGardenTreats/Etsy

This handmade ornament lets comic fans decorate their Christmas trees in homage to the Amazing Amazon.

13. Lumberjanes Vol. 1

Lumberjanes Vol. 1, $9, Amazon

The critically-acclaimed Lumberjanes are beloved by many comic fans, and the first collection of this ongoing series is sure to get anyone hooked on the adventures of Jo, April, Molly, Mal, and Ripley.

14. Loot Crate Subscription

One-month plan, $19.95; one-year plan, $215, Loot Crate

This subscription box is less comic-centered, but it does feature gaming, comic, and other entertainment products for any geeky pop culture fan. Plus, Loot Crate also has a special box called Level Up, which exclusively features geeky apparel.

15. DC Comics Infinity Scarf

DC Comics Infinity Scarf, $25, Think Geek

Another way to show comic-pride is by wearing it around your neck, so this scarf is perfect for any Batman fan.

16. Wonder Woman DC Bombshells Holiday Statue

Wonder Woman DC Bombshells Holiday Statue, $62, Think Geek

For those comic fans that love collectable statues, this limited edition Wonder Woman figure is perfect for anyone in the holiday spirit. Plus, it's modeled after the new DC Bombshells run, which offers a new and stylistic revamp of Wonder Woman.

17. Batgirl Vol. 1, Batgirl of Burnside

Batgirl Vol. 1 The Batgirl of Burnside, $25, DC Comics

Barbara Gordon's new run as Batgirl in the comic by Brenden Fletcher and Cameron Stewart is perfect for fans of the DC Comics heroine who want a very modern story.

A quick warning about giving some of these gifts: The recipient may be too busy delving into all of them for a while to spend time with you. Don't take it personally.

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