Jaime King Is Launching Makeup

by Ashley Berg

Joining the ranks of celebrities teaming up with makeup brands, Jaime King is releasing a makeup line with Colour Pop, reports InStyle. King says she chose to partner with the brand because one of her friends had some products and she was amazed by the quality, "I was like, 'OMG. I’ve never seen makeup that has felt and looked this good!'" She went so far as to compare the quality of the products to the rest of her makeup collection. "I literally dumped out all of my makeup and sat there on the floor like a crazy person and went through every single piece," said King.

King revealed that she wanted to do a makeup line for awhile, but could just never find the right brand to team up with. Luckily for her, Colour Pop's products are made in the U.S.A (which was a big factor in her choice), and most of the products are vegan. Score!

Now, if you're wondering what this makeup line might have in store, King revealed what she's always dreamed of in a makeup line to InStyle: a true essentials palette. Basically all the makeup you could ever need on a daily basis. The perfect red, the ultimate nude, and of course a contour kit are some of the main attractions in her perfect line. King says she's even dreaming about a product that doesn't exist yet. So, stay tuned for a product that could magically turn your matte shadows into shimmers.

If this line couldn't get any better, King says this makeup is made for everyone, and I mean everyone. "I want it to be for the girl next door, I want it to be for transgender kids, I want it to be for the boy born in the wrong body, and the girl born in the wrong body. Anyone that feels like they have something to hide even though they’re innately beautiful," she told the publication.

King's line is to launch in Spring 2016 exclusively on Colour Pop's website, reports MIMIChatter. If you can't wait until then, here are a few past celebrity beauty lines to browse in the meantime.

1. Alexa Chung for Eyeko

Eye Do Liquid Eyeliner, Eyeko, $20

The perfect liquid liner for the girl with the infamous cat eye.

2. Kat Von D Makeup

Lock-It Concealer, Kat Von D, $25

A concealer that can cover up anything, from a tattoo to your worst under eye circles.

3. Flower Beauty By Drew Barrymore

Lip Sude Velvet Lip Chubby, Flower, $7.98

The easiest way to get a matte pout. In a lip chubby.

4. Miley Cyrus for MAC

Viva Glam Miley II, MAC, $17

The perfect hot red shade to wear while sticking out your tongue.

5. Kardashian Beauty

Intimate Spotlight, Ulta, $9.99

The ideal highlight to get Kardashian-esque cheekbones.

6. Circa by Eva Mendes

Color Focus Eyeshadow Palette, Walgreens, $12

Pretty, blendable color at an inexpensive cost.

7. Iman Cosmetics

Amplify Mascara, Iman Cosmetics, $9

If you want lashes that pack a serious punch, try this one out.

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Images: Courtesy Brands