Sarah Paulson Will Play A Familiar 'AHS' Character

by Emily Lackey

Exciting news for American Horror Story fans: One of your favorite characters from a past season is coming back to haunt this season’s finale. On Wednesday, it was announced that Sarah Paulson would be reprising her role as Billie Dean Howard in the finale of American Horror Story: Hotel. Bille Dean Howard was the psychic who appeared in the very first season of American Horror Story and hadn’t been heard from since. But this, of course, means that Paulson will be playing two completely different roles this season: Billie Dean Howard and Sally. For a show whose seasons function as completely different volumes (with a new storyline and a new cast), this repeat comes as a surprise to many of its viewers. But it’s actually been done before in the show’s history, much to the delight of American Horror Story’s biggest fans.

So which other actors have come back to play either to same role over again or a completely new one? There are only a few. Similar to what Paulson is doing — returning to the set to play two characters in one season — Finn Wittrock played both Tristan Duffy and Rudolph Valentino on this season of AHS. He also played Dandy Mott for 12 episodes during American Horror Story: Freak Show. Clearly this guy is a favorite of the show’s writers, creators, and casting directors, because he has the highest number of returns for the entire series.

But has there been anybody else?

Well there are the other Season 1 crossovers, Marcy (the realtor) and Dr. Montgomery, who treated The Countess years ago. They both appeared in the first season, American Horror Story: Murder House, and the most recent season, American Horror Story: Hotel. So, obviously, there’s some serious love going on for these characters. Bille Dean, for her part, will be featured in the finale as the star of a reality series that focuses on her psychic abilities (I’m picturing a Long Island Medium but creepier). She apparently visits the hotel to film an episode of her acclaimed show.

Sounds hilarious and terrifying to me, like all the best episodes of American Horror Story are. Now if only the next few months would fly by so that we can get to the finale already.

Image: Giphy