5 Reasons Chris Fogt Will Make You So Patriotic

There are Olympians, and there are heroes. And, in the case of Team U.S.A.'s Chris Fogt, there are Olympians who are real-life heroes. A member of USA's Men's Bobsled team, Fogt is an incredibly accomplished athlete and served as a 2nd lieutenant in the Military Intelligence branch, spending a year in Iraq. So in as many ways as humanly and as patriotically (it's a word!) as possible, WE SALUTE YOU, CHRIS. You human bald eagle soaring triumphantly across the Rocky Mountains while clutching an American flag between your talons and landing in a nest of hot dogs and apple pie. Or something along those lines.

So, now that I've gathered myself up and gotten over how much Fogt's already accomplished, let's keep on celebrating! I mean c'mon, if this guy doesn't make you proud of the Red, White, and Blue, WHAT CAN? The Olympics are the one time a year literally everyone in the represented countries can feel unabashedly patriotic. As in, it's the one time of the year the rest of the world waves their flags as much as we do on a daily basis. Really, it's okay, you can chant "U-S-A!" unironically. And Chris Fogt just may be the reason why:

He Switches Between the Olympics and the Military Like Lightning

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While attending Utah Valley University, Fogt completed his ROTC training, earning a ranking of 2nd lieutenant. He then completed a bobsled camp in 2007 and started competing in America's Cup and World Cup Circuits. And then Vogt competed in the 2010 Olympic Winter games. And THEN (yes, and then) he served a year in Iraq following Vancouver. And now he's on the 2014 team. I mean. Come. On.

He Participated in Movember

Along with fellow Olympians (And stud muffins/national treasures) Steve Langton and Curtis Tomasevicz.

He Eats Good in the Neighborhood

The should-be spokesman for charcoal grills tweeted, "Enjoying a free meal with the wifey on Veterans Day @Applebees #lovethiscountry #ThankAVet #fiestalimechicken" Truly Christopher, thank you.

He's a Member of the Army's Elite World Class Athlete Program

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Since its inception, the WCAP has produced 446 Olympians and coaches and 111 medals.

Breaking Records, Like it's another one of his J-O-B-S

Mr. Vogt, this is for you

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