Where To Buy Justin Bieber Christmas Apparel

by Sienna Fantozzi

The one thing that is absolutely essential to the holiday season is an ugly sweater. Whether you're going to a party, matching with your significant other, or just lounging around and watching Christmas movies and baking — it wouldn't feel like the holidays without wearing one at least once. But if you're looking to up your ugly sweater game this year (I mean, I'm sure you've tried all the standard variations out by now), then you might want to consider wearing a Justin Bieber ugly Christmas sweater or at the very least, other festive Bieber apparel. These sweaters are going to have you like baby, baby, baby, ooooh.

Christmas puns are of course classic and all, but there is also something to be said for incorporating pop culture into your Christmas gear. The point of ugly sweaters is about irony and hilarity, after all, and no one defines pop culture these days quite like the Biebs. Whether you are a die hard fan, or just want to bring the lolz to your holiday party, I've rounded up some of the best Justin Bieber themed ugly Christmas sweaters and festive apparel to rock this year — and they are guaranteed to make everyone who sees them a Belieber in the season.

1. Light Up

Ugly Christmas Sweater, $75, Etsy

Nothing screams "look at me!" like a light-up ugly sweater with Justin Bieber's face on it.

2. Sorry

Sorry Christmas Shirt, $20, Etsy

Add some red, green, and trees and it's instantly Christmas-themed.

3. All I Want For Christmas

Justin Bieber Christmas Sweater, $28, Etsy

Tell 'em what you want!

4. Lyrics

Sorry Christmas Sweater, $27, Redbubble

Let the Biebs speak for himself.

5. Rhinestones

Justin Bieber Christmas Shirt, $22, Etsy

Go extra glam with red and green rhinestones.

6. Dear Santa

Dear Santa, $20, Party Hard Tees

Santa, are you listening?

7. Onesie

Footed Pajamas, $60, Cafe Press

This takes an ugly sweater to the next-level.

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Images: Etsy; Cafe Press; Party Hard Tees; Red Bubble