Planned Parenthood Shooter Says He's Guilty

In a stunning court appearance, Planned Parenthood shooter Robert Dear admitted he was guilty, and declared that he was a "warrior for the babies." Prosecutors were set to file formal charges against the 57-year-old for killing three people at a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood on Nov. 27. But Dear shocked those at the El Paso County court when he made an unexpected outburst, which made his anti-abortion views abundantly clear.

“I am guilty," Dear said, according to CBS Denver. "There will be no trial. I am a warrior for the babies."

Authorities have hesitated in stating what motivated Dear to open fire inside the Planned Parenthood facility and engage in a five-hour standoff with police. In the end, Dear willingly surrendered to authorities, and reportedly mumbled something about "baby parts" during his arrest. Dear stood in court on 179 counts, including first-degree murder charges. Under Colorado law, he could face the death penalty.

But anything you say can be used against you in a court of law, especially when you say it in a court of law. It would seem safe to say that this attack on Planned Parenthood was arguably an act of domestic terrorism. Time to call it what it is.