Dads Read Their Daughters' Texts Out Loud While We All Cringe In Fear — VIDEO

The sacred bonds of father-daughter relationships are tested in Elite Daily's video of dad's reading their daughter's texts. It's really face-cringingly good. From the moment the title explained that the dads in this group would be reading their daughters' texts I felt my stomach churn. As the video progresses, we see fathers seeing things about their daughters they were not expecting. I'm sure this led to a LOT of questions being asked after the director yelled cut. Hopefully not too many people got grounded, and the awkward car ride home wasn't too unbearable.

I'm not saying that kids can't share things with their parents. I just think that the way we communicate with our friends is very different from the way we tend to talk to our parents. Which is fine. I never wanted to hit up my parents for a ride to a club or ask them if they got laid after the party we went to. My parents and I are close, but we are not close enough for that. Which is fine by me! My father knows enough about me to a) love me unconditionally b) be proud of me c) never EVER ask me about my sex life. In fact, I asked my father the following questions and this is what he said:

This is why this man is my father. Anyway, here is what this video ended up being.

1. First Thoughts

Everyone started off super innocent.

2. Given The Opportunity To Snoop

The moment their daughters' phones were in their hands it was like Christmas. Finally, an insight into the teenage brain!!

3. My Favorite Reaction

The speed at which this girl figured out that this whole thing was a mistake was not at all surprising. This was all a mistake.

4. The Flu

When asked why her friend was throwing up her response was: "Ummmm. The Flu." She handled the situation well.

You can watch the entire video here below!

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