How To Prevent Goggle Tan Lines

by Jessica Willingham

If you’re hitting the slopes this season, you need all the right gear to stay warm, stay active, and look cool, because let’s face it — hanging out at such a high elevation is not a warm-weathered activity. Still, if you’re hanging around all day, you may end up with a nasty snow sunburn. Here’s how to prevent goggle tan lines when skiing: Wear (and reapply) lots of sunscreen.

I hope you already know how important wearing sunscreen is, no matter what the season is or what you’re up to — especially when you're doing outdoor snow sports. Just because you're out in the freezing snow doesn't mean you're invincible when it comes to the sun. Because you're at a high elevation, you’re actually at a higher risk for exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) radiation. UV radiation exposure increases four to five percent every 1,000 feet you climb, so you need to be prepared when you’re skiing or boarding.

"It's easy to associate winter with frostbite and windburn, but most people are unaware that UV rays can be every bit as damaging on the slopes as on the beach," said Perry Robins, MD, President, The Skin Cancer Foundation, according to "With the winter sports season ahead of us, it's more important than ever to take proper precautions on the slopes."

To prevent sunburn or a nasty goggle tan, you can (and should) protect your skin in multiple ways.

1. Wear High-Quality Goggles

Oakley Flight Deck Prizm, $200, Oakley

A really great pair of goggles will not only change your ski experience for the better, but will also help protect your face from UV rays. A great lens also helps you see the slopes better (sounds a lot safer, huh?). This particular pair of goggles features a cool, curved design that will fend off dreaded google tan lines.

2. Rock A Billed Beanie

Coal Yukon Brim Beanie, $35, Rei

A hat with a brim will create an extra layer of protection from sun and keep you warm up and down the slopes.

3. Slather on Sunscreen

Elemental Herbs All Good Zinc Sunscreen, $16, Elemental Herbs

This zinc-based sunscreen goes on clear and creates a barrier between the elements and your skin, like wind in addition to UV rays. At high elevation, it's important to reapply often.

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Image: Pixabay; Courtesy of Brands