Kim Kardashian's Luxury Gift Guide Costs A Small Fortune, But You Can Dupe It — PHOTOS

It's no secret that Kim Kardashian West is into the finer — and more expensive — things in life. Whether it's her dependance on La Mer or her desire for a Lorraine Schwartz push present, she's got high end taste. Now Kim Kardashian's luxury gift guide illustrates just how fancy the reality TV star and recent mom can get. Spoiler alert: very.

In about, oh half an hour, the Internet will probably be ablaze with criticism of Kardashian-West's ultra expensive and — by my own admission — kind of snotty gift guide. Maybe it'll be the $455 candle that allows you to literally burn money or the $350 makeup brushes that will be full of gunk in about a month that will drive people to call Kardashian-West an entitled, overindulgent woman. Whatever it is though, did you really expect this not to be a thing? Plus, this is a gift guide for the "luxury connoisseur" after all. Kardashian-West is just maintaining her brand — she's essentially luxury personified, and the new mom is pretty damn up-front that these gifts err on the side of a splurge.

Personally, I find it endlessly entertaining to see what one of the world's most clickable celebrities is indulging in these days. Let's be real, if other celebrities released their gift guides, you'd probably find equally as costly items gracing the pages. Kim K. is just far more transparent about her gifting habits, and while the vast majority of those interested in the purchases won't be able to get them, the good news is the beauty products Kardashian-West touts are totally able to be duplicated.

By Terry Jewel Lip Kiss Palette

Lip Palette, $118, Net-a-Porter

Smashbox For 25 Years Our Lips Have Been Sealed Palette

$75, Sephora

There's a $45 price difference in these two items, but with the Smashbox palette you get more than double the lip color. Plus, it's Smashbox, no matter how high quality Kim K.'s suggestion is, Smashbox is always a good bet.

Oribe Gold Pomade

$49, Neiman Marcus

Free Your Mane Conditioning Glimmer Pomade

Glitter Pomade, $18, Free Your Mane

Only a $31 price difference here, but hey, it's a savings, right? And in a not so shocking turn of events the Oribe pomade has sold out on Bergdorf Goodman — which Kim linked out to.

Balmain Paris Hair Couture

Brush set, $209, Net-A-Porter

DryBar Texas Tease Big Hair to Go

Texas Tease, $28, Nordstrom

$181 savings? Don't mind if I do. Plus, DryBar's marketing for this kit is too cute.

La Mer Genaissance de le Mer Limited Edition Kelly Wearstler Box

$1,200, La Mer

Mario Badescu Vitamin C Serum

Serum, $45, Amazon

While the La Mer version of this does include that ultra cool looking box, $1200 is a steep price to pay, and the Mario Badescu serum is excellent.

Artis Brush Elite Smoke Ten Brush Set

Brush set, $360, Net-A-Porter

Real Techniques Bold Metals Makeup Brush Collection

Brush Set, $49, Target

While Artis brushes are well-known for being crazy high quality, Real Techniques is an incredible, affordable brand of brushes created by makeup artists and YouTubers Nic and Sam Chapman. Plus, these bold metal designs are totally killer, and hello, it's a $311 savings!

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