The Artis Brush Just Might Be Your New Favorite Makeup Tool

Move over beauty sponges! There is a new beauty tool in town, and it's a huge hit with makeup artists and beauty gurus alike. Artis makeup brushes are amazing at blending and smoothing makeup to make it look as it's a part of your skin. It's sensational. I first heard about these fantastic tools when Sir John, makeup artist to stars like Beyoncé and Karlie Kloss, featured them in a Klossy YouTube tutorial.

According to the Artis website, their brushes differ from others due to their CosmeFibre® technology. Essentially, their brush fibers are uniform in structure, and are engineered to taper at the ends in order to apply product more evenly. What also is great about these brushes is that they absorb less makeup than traditional beauty sponges or brushes. No more losing half of your product to your beauty tools!

Also, you have to see how gorgeous these brushes are. They're handles are curved to fit the hand, so you can comfortably apply your own makeup if you don't have a Sir John to do it for you. The only slight drawback to these brushes are their expensive price tag: An individual brush can run you anywhere from $32 - $72. So, they aren't exactly cheap, but that's because the quality is so darn high. However, if you're willing to splurge on your beauty tools, you definitely have to check these brushes out! Check out some of the YouTube reviews I watched before deciding to snag one of my own.

1. Overview

Artis Brush on YouTube

From the brand itself, this in-depth video explains what each type of Artis brush is for, so you can decide which would be most useful to add to your own routine first.

2. Review

Jackie Aina on YouTube

In case you don't want to just take my word for how good these things are, check out Jackie Aina's first impression review.

3. Tutorial

Once you've decided to snag a brush (trust me, you'll be convinced) Bossassmakeup's tutorial is an excellent walkthrough for how to use them in your daily makeup routine. Happy blending!