How 'GoT' Fared In The Golden Globes Nominations

It's been a rough year to be a Game of Thrones fan with Jon Snow "dying" and everything. (Still refusing to accept that was real, don't worry about it.) Fortunately the awards show circuit made things a little easier on Thursday when the 2016 Golden Globes nominations gave Game of Thrones a nod. Now, a show as good as GoT doesn't need the approval of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, but it must be nice to know they're succeeding in the eyes of the viewers and the critics. This year GoT picked up the Golden Globes nom for Best Television Series — Drama. So, Jon Snow officially died for a reason, I guess. He more than anyone would be glad his death meant something, even if all it meant was the guy who plays him might get a gold statue.

Last year Game of Thrones did pretty well at the Golden Globes, too, scoring a nom for Best Drama for the first time since 2012. Although they didn't win in 2012 or last year, I have a feeling this could be their year. After all, no show was more dramatic or talked about this spring than Game of Thrones when they pulled off that huge cliffhanger, surprising both casual viewers and longtime fans of the books.

So congrats GoT on scoring the nod, and may bringing Jon Snow back to life in Season 6 get you another nod next year.