How Many Times Will J. Law Trip At The Awards?

by Haley Chouinard

Jennifer Lawrence is America's Sweetheart. We love to love J. Law, and so do award shows. In fact, on Thursday, Lawrence earned her fourth Golden Globe nomination, and is likely headed to another Academy Award nomination as well. At only 25, Lawrence has quickly become one of the defining actresses of our generation. She's the kind of actress that can give intense, heart-wrenching performances in indies and blockbusters alike, and then turn around and tell hilarious stories on talk shows. Through it all, she still comes off like a down-to-earth girl from Kentucky. Awards season is great because it means that Lawrence will be making the red carpet rounds, giving us all quippy responses to reporter's questions and talking about eating junk food, but it also means that J. Law's clumsier side might be making some appearances as well. Just how many times will Lawrence fall during award shows this season?

One of the reasons that Lawrence is as beloved as she is, is that she's always human. She puts on no airs of being refined or graceful. She's very open about her flaws and the things that she struggles with. And, when words fail, there's always the hard evidence of J. Law's humanity, evidence that comes in the form of her tripping. A lot. She trips a lot. Like, more than any other actress that I can recall. She falls all the time, often at really inopportune moments, like when accepting an Oscar...

Or on the red carpet at the Oscars...

Or on the red carpet for the Hunger Games...

Walking in heels is hard and, having never worn heels with a full ball gown, I can only imagine that it's even more difficult. But I can't help but speculate on how many times J. Law will fall during this awards season. She's got the Golden Globes, the Screen Actors Guild, and the Oscars to get through — all while wearing sky-high heels and fancy dresses. All awards shows have stairs that winners must climb in order to accept their award, so, if Lawrence wins even once, her chances of tripping are increased. As evidenced by her trip on the Academy's red carpet, J. Law can trip even on seemingly flat surfaces (which I often do too, so, no hate). That adds even more falling opportunities to her plate.

All things considered, Lawrence could fall, at minimum, two times per awards show, once on the carpet, and once inside the program. So, we could be looking at least six more gifs of Lawrence tripping making their way onto the Internet before March.

I'm not sure who J. Law's stylist is, but maybe, just maybe, this season she should opt for some flats and a jumpsuit and ditch the stilettos and gowns — just to be on the safe side.