How To Clean & Maintain Suede Boots This Season

Boots seem like the obvious footwear choice when the roads start to get snowy, but sometimes snow itself can wreck your boots. Suede is especially sensitive to "snow" salt, so make sure you know how to clean and maintain suede boots in the winter to prevent totally ruining them by spring. With a little know-how, your suede boots should last for at least several harsh winters to come!

Before I moved to New York last year, my mom surprised me with a really beautiful pair of black suede boots. Since I normally shop fake leather, I had no idea how to take care of actual suede boots in snowy winter conditions and it was definitely a learning curve.

I noticed my beautiful black boots were starting to get these "blooms" of what looked like ice crystals, but were snow salt from the streets. At first I thought I'd just have to resign myself to the stains, but my Manhattan winter-wise roommates hooked me up with exactly how to get rid of the snow stains and take care of my boots. Those same boots are on my feet right now over a year later, so obviously their advice worked!

The video below features exactly how my roommates taught me to clean my suede boots:

To pull this off, you'll need a bowl full of equal parts white vinegar and water along with a washcloth. Dip the cloth in the vinegar water and rub over the stains until they're gone. Less is more, so don't drench your shoe!

Also, if you're not as into the DIY life as I am, you can also purchase suede cleaner and a scrubbing brush. I won't judge you, I promise.

Suede And Nubuck Cleaner

Suede And Nubuck Cleaner, $12, Timberland

Straight from Timberland, you can trust that this formula will work without damaging your shoes in any way.

Suede Restorer Brush

Suede Restorer Brush, $7, Timberland

Another Timberland official, this is my go-to brush for getting my suede's slightly fuzzy texture back after cleaning.

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Images: Maria Morri; Courtesy of Brand