Michelle Obama's Celebrity Friends Should Shower Her With These Amazing Birthday Gifts

The ever-flawless Michelle Obama turns 50 today! While we are sad that we won't get to attend any of her birthday celebrations, we can dream about all of the gifts that the First Lady will receive on her big day. When you have friends in high places you are bound to get some cool (and, okay, some weird) birthday gifts. Here's what we imagine her celeb friends will be giving Michelle Obama.

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Blake Lively

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Blake Lively hung out with Michelle Obama during the Careers In Film Symposium where Blake talked about what it’s like to be a Hollywood actress. What would Blake get her new friend for her birthday? How about an Ashley Longshore painting of White House dog Bo dressed as a nun? It’s way more meaningful than jewelry, if not also totally bizarre.

Oprah Winfrey

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Oprah is probably the best gift giver in America, so the only question here is what amazing gift(s) will Michelle Obama walk away from on her 50th birthday? We would be surprised if Oprah ONLY gifted Michelle with a new car. That’s like giving a friend a $10 Starbucks gift card in Oprah’s world.

Kate Middleton

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Doesn’t Kate seem like the kind of girlfriend who would treat you to lunch and mani pedis and give you a whole day of special treatment on your birthday? (Note: Let’s all become friends with Kate Middleton.) I can see Kate and Michelle laughing over glasses of cucumber water at a fancy spa where they are getting their nails buffed and hair smoothed to perfection.

Alicia Keys

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What better gift than a personal ballad from the sensational Alicia Keys? Can she belt out “Happy Birthday”, or is that still copyright infringement?


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Simply being in Beyonce’s presence is a present onto itself, but we can imagine that Beyonce is also an amazing gift giver — just look at what she did for all of those shoppers at Wal-Mart this Christmas. That’s not to mention the puppy that Beyonce gave jewelry designer Lorraine Schwartz. We think that Bo — and new puppy Sunny! — would love a new friend. Perhaps Beyonce will gift Michelle with her very own Yorkie pup — certainly the Obama’s have enough space for another dog.

David Beckham

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Michelle and David hung out at the London Olympics in 2012. What would a good gift for the woman who has everything be? We think that David could treat the entire Obama family to great tickets to a major soccer game — and perhaps give Sasha and Malia private soccer lessons after it?