Your First Peek at 'Mad Men' Season 7 Is Here

We've survived the Polar Vortex so surely the Winter must finally be warming up... that is, at least if AMC has anything has to do with it. Praise be the Lords of Television, the first shots of Mad Men Season 7 are upon us! Don Draper is back in all of his manicured, well-tailored, and sublimely scruffy glory. All of the new photos feature Mr. Hamm filming outside of the Algonquin Hotel in Los Angeles, so the story of Don and California are far from over.

We've got plenty of questions after Season 6's gut-wrenching finale and that final shot of Don standing with his children in front of the whorehouse which he grew up in. How is Peggy handling being a B-O-S-S (like a bawse, we imagine)? Is Ted really safe and squirreled away in California? What is Bob Benson's actual deal? Is Don going to stay sober in the wake of getting fired? (Doubtful.)

And what actually happened to Pete's mother and Manolo the man servant? Seriously, that was insane. Season 6 was one of Mad Men's more experimental (drugs!) seasons and I'm excited to see what Season 7 has in store. Here are a few theories — some legitimate, and some downright cuckoo bird— for what we can expect come April 13, based on these new shots.

Exhibit A:


  1. The shrubbery suggests Don is hiding. He's gone off the grid!
  2. The brown suit brings us closer and closer to the '70s. Even Don Draper won't be safe from polyester!
  3. He's wearing black shoes with a brown suit.... DON HAS GONE BLIND!
  4. The vertical stripes in Don's tie symbolize his descent into madness.
  5. Don't tight-lipped expression tells us he's got a secret, and he's keeping it that way. He's gone off on his own and is starting his own ad firm. He's using the money to build his family a seaside home where he goes to write his harrowing novel.

Exhibit B:


  1. The "quin" could mean "mannequin" as in Don is realizing he's just a puppet.
  2. There's a cigarette in Don's right hand which symbolizes (if Paul McCartney conspiracy theories have taught me anything) that death is coming!
  3. He's got one hand in his pocket and the other is flicking a cigarette. An obvious homage to Alanis Morissette.
  4. He's just murdered Ted in the Algonquin hotel and he's waiting for Cutler to come and clean up the evidence.
  5. He's visiting Megan who has moved to LA without him but is still staying at the fancy hotel on his dime.

Images: Jamie Trueblood/AMC, SteveKing_/PopSugarTwitter