These Are The Best Warm & Waterproof Sneakers

I don't know about you, but I'm totally dreading the second winter actually hits in New York and I'm living in a slushy, snowy, freezing tundra. No matter where you live (well, if you experience seasons), gearing up for winter is a major undertaking. And after days in my rain and snow boots, I'm always dying to switch up my shoe selection. Luckily, I've found the best warm waterproof sneakers that will keep you from dying of shoe boredom this winter.

As much as I love my suede winter boots and furry snow boots, there comes a time when I'm dying to switch things up in the shoe department. Whether I'm heading to brunch with friends, going to the gym or running errands, I love the cool, casual look of a pair of sneakers. But during the winter, my beloved low-top Converse and Nike Frees become water magnets that will ensure my feet are freezing by the time I reach my destination.

In those cases, what you (and I) really need is a pair of warm, waterproof shoes that, coupled with a cozy pair of socks, will keep your feet warm. They're no snow boots, but these sneakers are a perfect addition to your winter wardrobe.

1. Chuck Taylor All Star Rubber

Chuck Taylor All Star Rubber, $50, Nike

Classic Chuck Taylors get a remake with these high-tops, which are made out of rubber instead of the usual canvas.

2. Tretorn Gunnar Rubber Boots

Tretorn Gunnar Rubber Boots, $25, Tretorn

These outdoor shoes (on super sale right now!) toe the line between sporty and utilitarian.

3. Nike Air Max 1 Mid Waterproof

Nike Air Max 1 Mid Waterproof, $120, Amazon

I'm obsessed with these classic Nike Air Max shoes, which conveniently happen to be waterproof. Plus, they'll keep your ankles warm.

4. Merrell All Out Terra Ice Waterproof

Merrell All Out Terra Ice Waterproof, $109, Amazon

These are some of the more utilitarian of the bunch, but I love the fun color and functionality.

5. ECCO Sport ECCO Cool

ECCO Sport ECCO Cool, $174, Amazon

Looking for a sneaker that doesn't really look like a sneaker? These are your best bet.

6. Pikolinos Uruguay Sneaker

Pikolinos Uruguay Sneaker, $150, Nordstrom

I love these shoes, which are made by a Spanish company. The bright yellow laces are so fun.

7. L.L. Bean Waterproof Snow Sneakers

L.L. Bean Waterproof Snow Sneakers, $85, L.L. Bean

OK, not exactly the chicest look on the list, but these L.L. Bean sneakers are made for snowy weather and will keep your feet ridiculously warm.

Winter doesn't have to mean you're confined to Uggs all season long. With these sneakers, you'll be sporty and warm.

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Images: Courtesy of Brands