Anastasia Beverly Hills' New Brow Product Is Boss

It's no secret that Anastasia Beverly Hills' line of brow products is absolutely incredible. From the brow wiz to the tinted brow gel, this stuff keeps your brow game on point, and they're doing it again. Anastasia Beverly Hills' new Brow Definer is a product unlike anything they've ever launched before, and it's sure to become your holy grail of brow products. Cara Delevingne brows, here we all come!

Just in case you wanted to know how great the Anastasia Beverly Hills line is, all you have to do is look at founder Anastasia Soare's client list. Most notably, she's the personal groomer of the fabulous Kardashian-Jenner brows. That's right. Kylie's signature — and perfect brows — are assisted by Soare and her products. While the line is most well-known for its ability to groom and fill in brows to utter perfection, it has expanded tremendously with each product being better than the last. You can't watch a YouTube tutorial without seeing badass gurus like Jaclyn Hill and MannyMUA killing it with the liquid lipsticks, and that contour palette? It's totally bomb. Basically, Soare's fantastic products are quickly becoming a go-to line for all of your makeup needs. I'm just waiting for a foundation to drop at this point.

While I continue to wait for foundation though, I can eagerly await the Jan. 7 release of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer, and boy, will this thing be good.

The dual-ended design is slightly deceiving as this baby is capable of three different functions, not just two. The wider, angled tip allows the user to switch between two different application styles. By utilizing the flat side, a user can outline the shape of the brow. Then, using the tip, fill in the remainder. The spoolie, of course, is for blending the product into your natural hair in order to make the look ultra natural. Super cool, right? According to Byrdie, the product will be priced at $23, the same price as the brand's Perfect Brow Pencil.

While we all eagerly await the release, there are a couple of other excellent brow products to invest in. After all, a little change up never hurt anyone.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz

$21, Sephora

I told you Anastasia was queen of brows. The Brow Wiz is incredible, and it gives a super natural finish.

Benefit Cosmetics Brow Zings

$32, Sephora

The Brow Zings product is a unique blend of cream and wax. This stuff allows you to go as bold as you want without getting a crazy gunky look. Just be sure to blend with the powder. Plus, aren't those mini brushes and tweezers adorable?

Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow Pomade

$18, Sephora

The DipBrow Pomade is a divisive products but with a soft touch and a cautious amount of product, the results are amazing.

Urban Decay Brow Box

$30, Sephora

While this product is very similar to the Benefit Brow Zings, it includes a great powder highlight that makes it worth the cost.

Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel

$24, Sephora

Want a super quick, easy, and natural look? This is your guy. The volumizing gel adheres to natural hair and almost magically creates gorgeous, natural looking lashes. Plus, it's also great over powder products to set brows.

While January may feel like a long time from now, rest easy knowing you'll have some great products to use in the meantime.

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Images: Courtesy of brands