Should You Wear Tights To A Holiday Office Party?

Trying to balance your personal style with a work event isn't always the easiest task. Wondering if you should wear tights to a holiday office party or concerned they might make your outfit too "stiff?" Don't even worry, I've rounded up a variety of tights that prove they can be both classy and totally fun at the same time.

Personally, I'm all about reaching for tights to get ready for a holiday party. Adding a pair is a great way to transform what otherwise would be a potentially too-sexy dress into a totally appropriate (but also totally swanky) outfit.

I have firsthand experience with this, as my first official adult girl office party was last year. I was working for this really incredible social media marketing agency and my office was basically packed with twenty and thirty-somethings. I admittedly had my eye on, like, six different attractive people I wanted to get to know, and knew this one little red dress hiding in my closet would give me a boost of confidence. That said, the dress in question is pretty dang tiny and wouldn't be okay by itself, so I added a pair of black tights that transformed it into the perfect office-appropriate (yet sexy) look. Though I know it was ultimately my own body-pos confidence that made me feel comfortable talking to cute strangers, the dress and tights combo certainly helped!

Below are some of my favorite tights that would add a touch of sophisticated sparkle to any holiday party outfit.

1. Open Fishnet

Open Fishnet Tights, $30, ASOS

Paired with a pencil skirt or little black dress for a hint of retro glam.

2. Colored Opaque

DKNY Colored Opaque, $14, Nordstrom

If your outfit feels like it's lacking something, consider adding a burst of color with opaque tights.

3. Back Seam (Plus Available)

Back Seam Tights, $11, Nordstrom

Transform your otherwise standard sheer tights with a dramatic back seam.

4. Tight Knit

Tight Knit, $28, ASOS

Add a cozy feel to your look with these bright knits.

5. Sheer Spiral

Sheer Spiral, $14, American Apparel

Need a hint of whimsical? Reach for spirals!

6. Decorative Floral (Plus Available)

Decorative Floral, $18, ASOS

The kiss of florals give these tights an extra special party time touch.

7. Luxe Polka Dot

Luxe Polka Dot, $25, American Apparel

If you know your office holiday party is gonna be light and fun, polka dot tights are a must.

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Images: Courtesy of Brands