7 Hacks For Long-Lasting Curls

For those of us with hard-to-style hair, making curls last can seem impossible. Cheat your way to a better hair day by learning how to curl your hair properly. In just a few simple steps, you can become the master of your own strands. The secret to long-lasting curls is to go the extra mile for your hair. Taking the time to work with your hair and set the style properly is so worth it in the long run. Trust me, there's nothing more frustrating than spending 30 minutes curling your hair to have it fall as soon as you step out of the door. Get it right the first time by learning how to become a styling expert. Plus, it's not as hard as you might think.

So forget about fallen curls or flattened waves. Make bad hair days a thing of the past by overcoming your hair styling challenges. By prepping and setting your curls properly, you can really see a difference in the outcome of your style. While it might seem tedious to do a few extra steps, it's worth it in the long run for the longevity of your curls. Wondering what you can do to make your luscious curls last all day long? Here are a few easy steps to creating perfect, long-lasting curls.

1. Prep Your Hair

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Let your hair's natural texture work in your favor. According to Good Housekeeping , your hair's natural oils help to make your strands more manageable, and therefore, keeps your curls in place for longer. However, if your hair is freshly washed, you can add grip and texture by spraying your locks with hairspray or dry shampoo. This will give your hair a rougher texture that will help prolong the life of your curls.

2. Work In Sections

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Teen Vogue suggested working in sections when curling your hair in order to reach each piece, and create a more uniform style. Simply separate sections of your hair, and pin the rest away with an alligator clip. After that, grab smaller sections of hair from the original section, and begin to curl. If you're looking to create curls that last all day, then work with smaller sections. Smaller curls tend to hold their form longer than larger waves.

3. Know Your Irons

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If your hair is hard to curl, then try reaching for a curling iron with a smaller barrel. suggested that those with fine hair use a 3/4 inch iron. These curls will be tighter without looking like ringlets. If you're looking for looser waves, then use an inch to 1.5 inch iron.

4. Heat Responsibly

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Improper heat settings on your curling iron may be the reason that your curls are falling so quickly. In order to get the perfect curl, Allure suggested heating your iron to 300 degrees (350 degrees, if you have thicker hair).

5. Pin In Place

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After curling a section of hair, wrap the curl back into place, and pin against your scalp with a bobby pin. This will allow the curl to cool without falling or becoming loose. It's an easy way to keep your curls tighter for longer, according to the Luxy Hair Blog.

6. Keep It Tight


Once your hair has cooled, remove the bobby pins, and gently shake out your curls. However, don't go crazy. Keep your curls a bit tighter than you'd like. Curls tend to fall out through the day, so leave your curls tight after styling. It gives them more room to fall without losing the style, according to Allure.

7. Spray & Play

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Finish with hairspray for ultimate hold. Now, sit back and admire your fabulous curls.

Creating curls doesn't have to be a struggle. With just a few easy steps, you can seal in your curls all day long.