20 Gifts Under $30 To Get Your Favorite Guy

I am convinced that the hardest part of the holiday season is finding the perfect gift for your favorite guy, especially when you've put it off until the last possible second. When it comes to me, I'm pretty simple — buy me something pretty, something delicious, or something that will relax me, and I'm totally game. But finding last-minute gifts for guys? It can be tough to figure out where to even start.

Whether you are shopping for your dad, brother, boyfriend, or boss, I've rounded up something fun and functional for everyone on your list (and not a tie or gift card is in sight).

Whoever your favorite guy is, I promise you they won't even have to do that unconvincing "Oh wow I... uh... love it" when they open your gift (and you won't find it in their closet hidden under a pile of clothes six months later — throwing major shade at you, Dad).

And the best part? Since these 20 gifts are all under $30, you can buy a few as stocking stuffers for your favorite dudes without breaking your bank. With your leftover money, you should totally treat yourself to a congratulatory mani — after all, you did pick out the perfect gift.

1. A Magazine Subscription

GQ All Access , $20 for 12 issues, Amazon

Every month, he'll have something to look forward to getting in the mail (or reading on his tablet).

2. A Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Sandwich Maker , $28, Amazon

I'm convinced breakfast sandwiches will save humanity. Now, your favorite dude can make his own whenever the craving strikes.

3. Travel Cologne

Travel Cologne, $23, Macys

An easy stocking stuffer to toss in his gym bag — plus, it smells amazing.

4. Game of Phones

Game of Phones , $34, Amazon

For that techy, fun guy in your life.

5. Beeropoly

Beeropoly , $32, Uncommon Goods

Like the original, but with way more booze.

6. A Chillsner

A Chillsner , $16, Uncommon Goods

Otherwise known as a beer icicle

7. Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity, $25, Amazon

Have a ridiculous inside joke? You can make custom cards.

8. A USB Clock Fan

USB Clock Fan , $11, Amazon

Because it would look cool AF on his nightstand or desk.

9. A Desktop Punching Ball

Punching Ball , $20, Amazon

Every dude needs to relieve some stress once in a while.

10. Hot Sauce

Hot Sauce , $18, Amazon

If your guy's MO is "the spicier the better," he may think differently after reading this brand's name.

11. Beard Shirt

Beard Shirt, $22, Amazon

Show him how much you dig his beard with this shirt.

12. Grilling Plank Sampler

Grilling Plank Sampler , $25, Amazon

Your guy loves to grill — give him something to nerd out over.

13. Custom Whiskey Glasses

Whiskey Glasses , $17, Amazon

For the guy who is classy AF.

14. An External Battery

External Battery, $24, Amazon

No more dead phone excuses. A gift within a gift!

15. Luxe Shaving Cream

Luxe Shaving Cream , $24, Amazon

Because you know he'd probably never splurge on this himself.

16. A Man Candle

Man Candle , $15, Uncommon Good

Every guy needs a mandle — choose from scents like gunpowder or NY Style Pizza.

17. A Fun Mug

Fun Mug , $12, Etsy

Make his morning coffee a little more fun.

18. A Customized Pocket Knife

Pocket Knife , $23, Etsy

For that rugged handy man who has it all.

19. A Nice Toiletry Bag

Toiletry Bag , $50, Amazon

Because the plastic bags just aren't cutting it anymore.

20. Guitar Pick Punch

Guitar Pick Punch , $23, Amazon

If your dude plays guitar, this is almost a mandatory gift. He can make guitar picks out of literally anything with this gadget.

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