'90210' Meets 'Gossip Girl' In Epic Throwback Pic

Thursday is an opportunity for social media users to share throwback photos. And Blake Lively shared a throwback photo that is going to please Gossip Girl and Beverly Hills, 90210 fans. As you can see below, the picture is of Lively as an adorable little girl and actor Jason Priestley. She wrote alongside the photo, "#tbt to when Serena Van Der Woodsen and Brandon Walsh were a thing. (Shh don't tell @robynlively)."

For those who know nothing about the world of television (or have been living under a rock), Priestley starred as Brandon Walsh on 90210 throughout most of the '90s. As for Lively, she played Serena van der Woodsen on Gossip Girl. Both of their characters were huge and both actors are well-known in Hollywood, so it's funny to see Lively as a little girl hugging Priestley. At the time, I'm sure 90210 fans would've been extremely jealous of the now 28-year-old actress.

Also, here's some trivia. Did you know that Lively's sister Robyn used to date Priestley? I'm assuming that's why she tagged her in the caption. Seeing as they dated in the early '90s, that's probably why Lively has this picture with him. I bet it was taken around the time her sister actually dated Brandon Walsh, I mean, Priestley.

Whatever the case, it's adorable and I thank her for sharing.