You Can Put Your Loved One's DNA Inside Jewelry

by Kaitlyn Wylde

So what if I told you there is a scientist in Switzerland who is raising money to expand his unique jewelry line comprised of rings and watches that are injected with synthetically fossilized human DNA, sort of like a jelly doughnut — except with deoxyribonucleic acid extracted from a loved one instead of jelly and a platinum setting instead of a doughnut? You'd probably be all: a wedding ring with DNA inside of it? Um, what? Is that legal? Is that creepy or romantic? What kind of DNA are you talking about?

I'm with you. And after watching the video that the company, Identity-Inside, released, you'll be asking yourself if this guy is a genius and hopeless romantic or a mad, mad scientist. Not angry mad — more like, wonky mad ... the way British people use the word. In theory, I get what this guy is putting down. The wedding ring industry does not cater to individuals. No matter how much tweaking and effort you put into the construction of a wedding ring, you're creating something that's not entirely unique. And yes, adding your own DNA is certainly about as unique as you can get.

But the DNA is encased in an artificial glass fossil, placed inside of the ring band and then sealed off with a diamond. So you can't actually see the DNA. So is knowing that it's in there enough? If someone gave you a wedding ring with their DNA inside, would you be flattered or floored? Here's what you need to know about Identity-Inside:

The Mastermind

Identity Inside/Kickstarter

Robert Grass spent many years studying DNA before coming up with the idea for this jewelry. Though he might be a little intense for American shoppers, he just really wants us to know how dope DNA is and how awesome it is that he's found a way to incorporate our unique coding with jewelry.

The Faux Fossil

Identity Inside/Kickstarter

The team has come up with a synthetic glass material that is capable of holding DNA in the same way that fossils can. Inside of it, the DNA is both on display and protected, for at least a thousand years, his company promises.

The Ring

Identity Inside/Kickstarter

From the outside, the ring looks pretty basic. It's to the unknowing eye, it's just a polished band with a few diamonds inside of it. But what your friends and family might be delighted (or creeped out) to hear is the beneath those diamonds are little fossils with your partner's DNA. If you're going for a unique gift, the Identity-Inside ring is boss.

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