New HBO 'Looking' Clip Showcases The Series' Honesty & Jonathan Groff's Charm

Look, HBO's Looking had me hooked from its very first casting announcement. Jonathan Groff?! He of the sweet velvet voice who has always been a Broadway prince, but who is now officially a Disney prince in Frozen. Yeah, I'm there. I was even more there at the first trailer, and now I'm even extra there with this clip from the first episode of Looking .

The clip confirms what the trailer had me thinking: This isn't as much a Queer As Folk for the modern age as it is a Girls from a gay perspective — not in terms of challengingly unlikable characters so much as in its commitment to realism. Here's how the show, which premieres this Sunday at 10:30 p.m. on HBO, was described by the New York Post's Gregory E. Miller in his review:

This new clip, which you can watch below, reflects that realism pretty well. In it, Jonathan Groff's Patrick is debating an invitation he got to go to his ex-boyfriend's wedding. It's just a conversation between three friends, but that's what makes it charming. That and Jonathan Groff and his Jonathan Groff face — those help, too.

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Image: HBO/John P. Johnson