We're So Looking Forward to HBO's 'Looking'

Look, HBO's Looking had me hooked from its very first casting announcement. Jonathan Groff?! He of the sweet velvet voice who has always been a Broadway prince, but who is now officially a Disney prince in Frozen. Yeah, I'm there. I was even more there at the first trailer, and now I'm even extra there with this clip from the first episode of Looking .

The clip confirms what the trailer had me thinking: This isn't as much a Queer As Folk for the modern age as it is a Girls from a gay perspective — not in terms of challengingly unlikable characters so much as in its commitment to realism. Here's how the show, which premieres this Sunday at 10:30 p.m. on HBO, was described by the New York Post's Gregory E. Miller in his review:

[Looking is] likely the most realistic depiction of living as a modern gay man that television has ever seen. It’s groundbreaking stuff — stunningly honest and brutally fair with its flawed subjects’ search for meaning in love and life.

This new clip, which you can watch below, reflects that realism pretty well. In it, Jonathan Groff's Patrick is debating an invitation he got to go to his ex-boyfriend's wedding. It's just a conversation between three friends, but that's what makes it charming. That and Jonathan Groff and his Jonathan Groff face — those help, too.

Image: HBO/John P. Johnson