OPI x Hello Kitty Nail Collection Is Adorable

by Kali Borovic

There have been a lot of fabulous beauty collaborations lately, but this might just be the most adorable yet. OPI is launching a Hello Kitty nail polish line, and it's filled with eight different shades of pink, as well as some additional cheery colors. If ever there was a set of polishes to help you embrace your feminine side, this one is it.

Plenty of Hello Kitty merchandise has hit the market, but OPI's nail line is one that all types of beauty lovers can embrace. OPI's limited edition Hello Kitty collection will have 12 different shades that retail for $10 each and feature adorable Hello Kitty-themed bottles. Whether you're a lover of gels or just a regular polish person, you're in luck. Each color comes in both a lacquer and a gel formula, according to PopSugar, so everyone can join in on the fun.

Not only are the colors super pretty, but the names are so sweet too. What would a polish be without a quirky-cute name? From midnight black "You Can Never Have Too Many Friends" to powder pink "Small Plus Cute," I've never heard more fabulous polish names in my life. The light, bright (plus a little bit edgy) line up comes to Ulta in January 2016, so you still have time to decide which shade is the perfect one for you — or you could just snag them all.

1. 5 Apples Tall

5 Apples Tall, $10, Ulta

Sure, they could've just opted for a name like classic red, but what fun would that be?

2. Charmmy & Sugar

Charmmy & Sugar, $10, Ulta

Representing Hello Kitty's pet cat, this is one of two sparkly shades in the collection.

3. Kitty White

Kitty White, $10, Ulta

Not quite white but not quite silver, this shade is refreshing for the new year.

4. Let's Be Friends

Let's Be Friends, $10, Ulta

I don't know if it's the name or the powder pink shade, but this just might be my favorite.

5. Look At My Bow

Look At My Bow, $10, Ulta

This is just one of the many shades of pink in the collection, but each one is different.

6. My Pal Joey

My Pal Joey, $10, Ulta

This color is just as cute as Hello Kitty's adorable little mouse friend that it's named after.

7. My Twin Mimmy

My Twin Mimmy, $10, Ulta

The bright yellow that Hello Kitty's twin sister, Mimmy, favors comes to life with this polish.

8. Never Have Too Many Friends

Never Have Too Many Friends, $10, Ulta

I guess even Hello Kitty has a dark side!

9. Small Plus Cute

Small Plus Cute, $10, Ulta

The pink keeps rolling. Small + Cute = the loveliest shade of pink.

10. Spoken From The Heart

Spoken From The Heart, $10, Ulta

Shaking things up, this electric shade is more intense and slightly neon than the rest.

11. Starry Eyed For Dear Daniel

Starry Eyed For Dear Daniel, $10, Ulta

It's love in a bottle.

12. Super Cute In Pink

Super Cute in Pink, $10, ULTA Beauty

Last but not least is this adorable pinkish-purple shade, which rounds out the cuteness.

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Images: OPI (13)