Website launches an easy way for TV fans to dress like their favorite characters

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Ever wanted to dress like Olivia Pope or one of her gladiators? Or maybe you’re more interested in fulfilling Upper East Side fantasies and stealing Serena van der Woodsen’s wardrobe. There’s now a website that will help fuel your shopping addiction by being able to identify and purchase clothing items worn by your favorite TV characters. The site even allows you to filter which character you want to look at exclusively.

Pradux has compiled a list of clothing items worn in every episode of every season of shows ranging from Girls to the set of Kardashian series. The site shows shoppers who wore the outfit in which episode, and then offers an option to save the item or purchase it. All products are purchased through the retailer, whether it’s Macy’s or Burberry. It's a great site, you should bookmark it.

Here's a peek at just a few looks from your favorite shows and where you can buy them.

Image: ABC

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