Kendall Jenner Is Giving Cara Delevingne & Gigi Hadid The Best Present — PHOTO

Sorry Cara and Gigi, journalists everywhere have ruined your Christmas surprise from Kendall Jenner, but we can't help it. Everyone is kind of geeking out over the fact that Kendall Jenner is giving Cara Delevingne and Gigi Hadid friendship bracelets. Remember how awesome friendship bracelets were in elementary school?

Of course, friendship bracelets have come a long way since the early 2000s. They're no longer exclusively charm bracelets with half of the heart going to one friend and the second half going to the other. Nowadays, friendship bracelets have gotten even more glam, making them perfect gifts for your grown-up bestie.

Jenner is gifting Delevingne and Hadid a friendship bracelet from Monica Vinader, which costs $200 and comes in a bunch of different colors. While $200 is pretty expensive for a gift, it is going to your bestie, so it might be worth the investment (plus it's so pretty!). However, if you don't have a budget à la Jenner, there are plenty of cool friendship items you can get for your best friend for much less than $200. (Bonus: most of them come with two pieces, so your friend gets a piece of jewelry and you get a piece of jewelry. Talk about a win-win.)

Monica Vinader Rose Gold Fiji Friendship Bracelet, $200,

Here are a few friendship gifts for your bestie:

These "Partners In Crime" Necklaces

Seoul Little 14K & 24K Gold Plated Partners in Crime Friendship Necklace Set, $114,

I'm absolutely obsessed with these necklaces and I could probably buy them for roughly eight of my friends. I like that they're a little more creative than "best friends forever."

These Friendship Bangles

Kate Spade Friendship Metal Idiom Bangles, $98,

These Kate Spade bangles are each inscribed with a different phrase like "heart of gold." Perfect for a trio of besties.

These Squad Keychains

Best Friends Acrylic Keychain Set, $32,

What a perfect gift to give the members of your squad. I love these little keychains. I hope Taylor Swift knows about these...

This Postcard/Pin Combo

Best Babes Pin + Postcard, $19,

This "Best Babes" set from is a great little add-on to your BFFs gift. So cute.

These "Best Bitches" Necklaces

Lux Accessories Best Bitches BFF Friends Forever Valentine Heart 3 PC Necklace Set, $7.99,

For your BFFs who love to swear.

These Traditional Friendship Bracelets

Braided Friendship Bracelets, $4.99,

The perfect little addition to your best friend's gift, considering you get two bracelets for $5.

This Simple Friendship Bracelet

Made Cord Friendship Bracelet, $33,

This looks so much like the bracelet Jenner is buying Delevingne and Hadid. I kind of want one for myself, if I'm being honest.

Images: Courtesy Brands