Airport Fashion Tips From Celebs

Next time you hit the airport, take your travel style tips from celebrities! Whether it's for vacation or you're heading home for the holidays, travelling is stressful. Maybe you're working six days a week at a job you just started, living across the country from your family and haven't seen them in months. Or perhaps you're heading for a tropical getaway. You're already worried about all the other details, so why get bogged down in what you'll be wearing?

Since you are a fashionable independent woman who has her life together now, dressing for the airport doesn't have to mean leggings and a hoodie. Why not take a page from the books of people who fly for a living?

Celebrities have all of your style answers anyway, so it's not that much of a stretch to think that they'll be able to help you put together an outfit that is both stylish and comfortable; they're not mutually exclusive concepts most of the time! Here are a few looks that some of your favorite celebrities wore at the airport to emulate before your six-hour flight to California. Sit back, relax, and get inspired.

1. A Large Coat Is Always Right

Large coats turn even the comfiest of outfits into stylish and socially acceptable airport attire. Well, maybe not onesies. They keep you warm, happy, and able to look people in the eye.

2. Fur Keeps You Warm

I mean, I would opt for fake fur but talk about bringing a warm furry blanket for the plane! Plus, fur always adds a little bit of glamour.

3. A More Casual Look Can Still Be Cute

This is more of the way that I dress — athleisure is your new airport style best friend. If Gigi Hadid can do it, so can you.

4. Jumpsuits and Rompers Are Perf

Jumpsuits keep you comfy. Patterned jumpsuits add interest, but Rihanna kills this army-style jumpsuit that may or may not be from Independence Day. Just make sure that you go to the restroom prior to the flight. It would be hard to take that off in the tiny airport bathrooms. Also, you don't have to wear Atelier Versace (but you can).

5. Metallics Make a Statement

This is just a given considering our new metallic trend of 2016. Adding a little bit of shine to an every day outfit whether via jackets, tops, or carry-ons is just common sense!

6. Monochromatics

Black and white will never go out of style. Emma Watson wears this comfy striped look well, as well as every other look.

7. Sunnies

Marianna Massey/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Lastly, wear sunglasses. Like all the freaking time. Even through TSA! You'll look so cool by proxy of nobody being able to see your eyes.

Godspeed, travelers. I'm sure with these tips you will be able to put together an amazing airport look with very little stress.