Julianne Hough & Birchbox Help You Shop For Gifts

Buying beauty-related gifts is always tough. Does your friend have dry or oily skin? Combination? What even is that? What if they're allergic to an ingredient in that lipgloss? How will you know what they use or like? Never fear, Dancing With the Stars judge and dancer Julianne Hough created a wishlist with Birchbox to inspire your purchases! Who better to put together a list than the flawless makeup goddess herself?

Whether you're just stocking stuffing or buying mostly for yourself this list is a gold mine of everything beauty gurus and normal girls need alike. They're products that will make your life so much easier, and at reasonable prices they won't break the bank. Plus, there's always the chance that if a gift doesn't work out you can just keep it and use it for your daily beauty routine.

If you are still totally scared of choosing the wrong beauty products for friends and family then give them a Birchbox gift card, so the beauty experts can give you a helping hand. 12-month cards are only $110. Additionally, model and Hart of Dixie star Jaime King created her own list for more and different cool gifting ideas.

Take a peek at Hough's list below:

1. beautyblender

Original Beautyblender and Mini Solid, $25, Birchbox

This is the only way to apply foundation, folks.

2. Shimmering Lip Gloss

Jouer Shimmering Lip Trio, $35, Birchbox

Hough's lip game is always strong, so I'd trust her on this one.

3. Eyeshadow Palette

Smashbox Travel-Size Full Exposure Palette, $24, Birchbox

I use this, folks. It's the perfect size and the colors are amazing for any look.

4. Water Bottle

Bkr Glass Water Bottle 16 oz, $35, Birchbox

Recycling is important!

5. Haircare

Bumble and Bumble Brilliantine, $24, Birchbox

Bumble and Bumble. Nuff' said.

6. Funky Picture Frame

Umbra Prisma Frame, $10, Birchbox

It's a perfect desk frame!

7. Candle Set

TOCCA Candele da Viaggio, $42, Birchbox

Who doesn't love candles?

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