A Taylor Swift Book Is Coming & It Has A Twist Fans Will Love

Taylor Swift fans, I have some major news for you. On Sunday, Entertainment Weekly revealed that in honor of the singer's 10-year album anniversary of her first album, Taylor Swift, Simon & Schuster will documenting her life and career. It's not just any old biography, though — this new book will be made with the help of fans. Yes, seriously: you can be part of the first major book written about the singer. How cool is that?

As for how you can get involved with the future bestseller, here's everything you need to know: EW reported that . It'll feature commentary on the artist's life and accomplishments over the past 10 years written by both critics and fans, accompanied by tons of oversized photographs and, in true T.Swift fashion, fan-made art. It's no secret that the supports her fans just as much as they support her, so it makes total sense that they get to be a part of this new project.

Along with all of the fan written/made pieces, much of the best pieces of journalism about Swift, including the first press release of her debut album in 2006 and major magazine articles, will be featured, according to EW. And here's where you come in — if you have suggestions for pieces about the "Bad Blood" singer that you want in the book, you can send your suggestions to tips@swiftfanbook.com. If you're a photographer who's taken tons of T.Swift pictures over the years, you can send those, too (as well as illustrations) to images@swiftfanbook.com.

The fan inclusion doesn't stop there, though. You can tweet any other suggestions using the hashtag #SwiftFanBook to get everyone talking about your ideas. And if you're trying to get even more involved, here are the full rules and contests, as reported by EW.

The Title Contest

Graham Denholm/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Fans have the option of creating the book's title. All you have to do is submit your title suggestion, and an essay of 250 words or less, and the winner will be selected by Simon & Schuster. The winning fan will recieve a payment of $2,500 and credit in the book. The contest runs from Dec. 13 to Jan. 13, so get started. Submissions must be made on .

The Honorary Authorship Contest

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Simon & Schuster is looking for one fan to serve as the honorary author of the book and face of it, even though they will be taking writing from a group of fans. That fan's name will be on the book's cover. All interested writers and fans must submit a video of three minutes or less to the website, showing why they deserve to be the author of the book. This contest also runs from Dec. 13-Jan. 13, and the winner will receive a monetary prize of $10,000, in addition to being flown to New York for a press tour, book signing, and potential media appearances.

The Cover Contest

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Fans also have the opportunity to design the book's cover! The winning cover artist will recieve credit on the book cover and a $5,000 payment. This contest runs from Feb. 1 through Mar. 1, and submissions can be uploaded on the website.

Feeling inspired? Get to writing! Simon & Schuster need your help on this sure-to-be best-selling hit.