16 Reasons 2015 Was A Great Year To Be North West, From Soccer Games To Suitcase Rides

What a time to be alive. 2015 is about to come to a close, but it's been a year that is about to leave us so much richer than when it had started — especially for little North West. The toddler daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West turned two this year, but that's only one of many reasons why 2015 was a great year to be North West. Sure, 2014 was pretty good to the cutie, but North's second year was much grander than the first, thanks to stylish clothes, play dates, walking around with mom, and the major matter of her becoming a big sister to just-born little brother Saint West.

Even at two years old, North West has a way more fabulous life than most adults — thanks to her famous parents. The tot has sat in the front row of New York Fashion Week several times — and one of those times was in seat next to total royalty: Beyonce and Anna Wintour. But North didn't care, because the world is her party and we, no matter how famous, are simply the guests. Little Nori is in a class all by herself.

Let's take a look back at North West's fabulous 2015, shall we?

1. She Spent Time With Mom

And got in touch with nature on their morning walks.

2. And Time With Dad

So sweet.

3. She Traveled In Style To Disney On Ice

The only way to travel — with a handbag probably borrowed from Mom.

4. And Celebrated Birthday No. 2 At Disneyland

Like most kids dream of. What a fun day at the Happiest Place on Earth.

5. She Celebrated The Fourth Of July On A Boat

With Mom and Dad, of course.

6. She Hung Out With Ellen DeGeneres

You know, just another day for Northie.

7. She Got Baptized In Jerusalem

Northie even got christened in style. No regular church will do — The Kardashian-Wests headed all the way to the Holy Land to baptize North at the St. James Cathedral in the Armenian Quarter of the old City of Jerusalem.

8. She Danced

First lesson: Dancing with Teddy Bear.

9. She Played Soccer

And that would make Kim a super proud soccer mom.

10. She Owned Her Easter Egg Hunt

North celebrated Easter in the best way: hunting for eggs. And she looked so cute doing it, too.

11. She Played Beautiful Music

Just like her dad.

12. She Got To Know Some Animals

Too cute.

13. She Learned The Ways Of The Mermaids

I wonder if she got to meet Ariel?

14. She Became A Big Sister

Her brother Saint was born a few weeks ago, which means now it's North's time to stand up and impart her two years of wisdom to her little bro.

15. She Rode On A Suitcase

Arielle Dachille on YouTube

As only the coolest kids do.

16. Most Of All, She Was Herself

North West will leave the house wearing whatever she wants, when she wants. That's just how she rolls.