17 Barry Allen GIFs For Any Situation

There are a plethora of awkward people I can relate to, but perhaps the one I’m least ashamed to identify with is Barry Allen, aka The Flash. I mean, the guy is a superhero, so if I guess I had to be like any sort of socially inept fictional character, this one is not so bad. And by “not so bad” I mean actually pretty cool. Let’s put it this way: the dude is super fast, he can travel through time, and dabbles in not one but two Earths. Sounds like a pretty fantastical life to me. You know, aside from all the emotional trauma and what not.

So, you see, because of that reliability and that klutziness, Barry Allen is constantly being served up in GIF form, for The Flash fans’ unending use. That’s a good thing, too, because I’m not sure we could accurately express ourselves without the help of Grant Gustin’s endearingly dorky and animated facial expressions and mannerisms. After all, if you relate to Barry Allen, properly emoting and expressing your inner thoughts probably doesn’t come that easy to you, either.

Here are 17 Barry Allen GIFs for any situation, because The Flash just gets its fans.

1. When You Read Your Drunk Texts The Next Morning

And you enlist your friend's help to fix the trouble you caused.

2. When You Order A Trenta Iced Coffee From Starbucks

We are all superheroes with that much caffeine pumping through our veins.

3. When You Write Your Graduate Thesis The Day Before It's Due

You work better under pressure, OK?

4. When You Find Out How Much Interest You've Acquired On Your Student Loans

And all you can hear on the other line is, "Sir/Madam? Are you OK? Are you still there?"

5. When You Introduce Yourself At An Interview

In your defense, is there any right way to go about it, really?

6. When You Try On Jeans After A Long Winter

And by long, I mean "carb-filled."

7. When You Roll Into An All-You-Can-Eat Buffet

It's a good thing you brought your bib.

8. When You Unexpectedly Fart In Public

*Looks for someone to blame it on*

9. When Bae Gives You A Compliment

But you're trying to play cool.

10. When You're Mid-Workday And You Remember You Left The Toaster Oven On

And you wonder if your home is currently engulfed in flames because you just had to heat up that S'mores Poptart.

11. When Your Friends Make You Do That Last Tequila Shot

But you give in because you were never really into those after school special videos on peer pressure anyway.

12. When You're Trying To Win An Argument

And you just know you're losing.

13. When Someone Catches Onto Your Subtweets

Prove it! *Deletes account*

14. When You Try To Give Advice To Undergrads

Despite being two years post-grad, you still have no idea what you're doing.

15. When You Know You're Going To Be Late Again, But Don't Want People To Hate You

It's in your blood, you can't help it.

16. When You See Bae Flirt With Someone Else

Ain't gunna fly.

17. When You're Hungover AF

Super powers can only go so far.

See? Barry Allen is even saving the day in the most mundane of situations. Well, kind of.

Images: The CW; Giphy (7); flashallens/Tumblr (4); Wiffle Gif (1) laurelscanary/Tumblr (4); winsloschott/Tumblr (1)